Marketing Graduates

The Top Entry-Level Jobs for Marketing Graduates

As a recent marketing graduate, you would like to get an enjoyable job. You want to put your degree to good use and prove your worth. But there are so many entry-level jobs out there. The job market is competitive, and finding work right away can be tough.  And that is why many applicants use marketing resume writing services to have outstanding applications. Some people may think, why do entry level jobs matter? It’s just a starting point. But the truth is that some of them may require more credentials and experience to qualify them. They offer comfort to new graduates and career starters because it matches their skill set with something they are familiar with. The following are the top entry level jobs for marketing graduates.

Sales Representative

A sales representative is a marketing team member who communicates with clients and prospects to increase a company’s sales or revenue. These professionals disseminate information about a company’s product or service that can help the prospect because they act as pointers to promotions and bonuses a business offers them.  The sales representative can also function as a trainer of newbies s and teach them what each product entails. 

Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator is one of the top entry level marketing roles that leads and oversees a company’s product or service sales performance. The marketing coordinators attend and organize seminars, training, and industry trade shows to explore more marketing trends for the company.  These coordinators aid the execution of campaigns through sales predictions, determination of aims and objectives, and following the process of implementing a service and tasks. They decide the design and the contents required for each print.

Marketing Assistant

The primary role of a marketing assistant is to monitor how well a company’s promotion and offer perform. They work together with the marketing coordinator to brainstorm ideas to boost the performance of current and upcoming promotions and campaigns. They also work with the company’s brand ambassadors to seek the best way to increase a service or product’s visibility. They are responsible for the company’s social media platforms, generating captivating content, and responding to the customer’s questions or problems regarding a product or service. This helps contributes to the financial information of the company.

Marketing Analyst

This is an entry level marketing position whose primary function is to conduct market research on consumer behavior and the company’s competitors. They create analysis filters, predict, and follow the trends within marketing and sales. The analyst also underscores competitors’ new promotions and offers and can work with data scientists and statisticians to verify the genuineness of the data gathered.

Account Coordinator

This is one of the beginner marketing jobs whose main duty is to serve as the company’s contact for customer service inquiries on marketing and ad promotions. To help solve the client’s problem, they present their ideas and follow the process of the tasks employees work on for projects related to each campaign. The account coordinator works hand-in-hand with the account manager to sustain the campaign and promotions budgets. 

Media Assistant

The primary function of a media assistant is to process media and publicize contracts. This marketing role includes proofreading, reviewing, and revising agreements and contracts. The media assistants also create and monitor media schedules, strategies, such as streamlining billing procedures and doing adequate research on the campaigns’ data relating to the company. They help the media buyer in planning promotions, budgets, and campaigns.

Communications Specialist

A communications specialist is one of the top entry level jobs in marketing whose primary duty is to help handle public relations, information output like press releases, and social media marketing campaigns. The main aim is to ensure the company has an effective and efficient promotion anytime they work on a campaign.

Public Relations Officer

The public relations officer is a marketing team member that coordinates and develops promotional campaigns and media relations plans and strategies. The PRO works in collaboration with the internal members of the marketing team and upper management to increase the brand’s visibility and gets a better result. They observe the audience’s behavior or reactions to grasp the public’s perception and opinion of the company’s product or service.

Social media coordinator

The social media coordinator generates and curates captivating content and implements strategies to boost the company’s social media engagement. They are mandated to develop content campaigns that help the marketing aim and put an attractive touch on the company. They track prospects that visit their website, engage followers, and request feedback on their experience with the company’s products and services.

SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist identifies strategies and techniques to increase the company’s webpage rank on search engine result pages. These specialists observe keywords that correlate with the company’s brand and decide if they are searchable. They can generate title tags, meta descriptions, and headings to improve search results.


All in all, if you’re on the lookout for a job after graduating from university, remember that landing a marketing position is all about having the right skills and experience—and the willingness to learn.  If you are a marketing graduate, the best thing you can do is to take some time to research the different jobs in your chosen field. The resources above should help you get started, and you can research further either online or by talking to people in the industry.