Teller Cover Letter No Experience

Although, a cover letter is an essential part of every job application and plays an imperative role in highlighting one’s candidacy, this document is particularly effective in introducing entry level candidates as viable ones for a teller position. Most candidates who do not have relevant experience are reluctant to write a cover letter since they do not have professional feats to showcase.

The truth is, an effective cover letter is not meant to convey experience. A cover letter’s job is to highlight the personal traits and transferable skills that could translate into professional competencies in the role at hand.

So if you are an entry level candidate, seeking a teller job and do not have any experience, the cover letter you write could be your best shot at making the employer have a look at your resume.

Below is a teller cover letter sample for a candidate having no experience in the field.

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Teller Cover Letter No Experience


Henry Goldstein
450 Orchid Lane
Mason, OH 65443

January 1, 2015

Mr. Andrew Patterson
HR Manager
73 East Road
Mason, OH 65443


Dear Mr. Patterson:

Having an associate degree in Accounting, a people oriented disposition and excellent numeracy skills, I would like to express my interest in teller position at TRUSTMARK NATIONAL BANK.

During the course of my education I have developed skills in the following areas that will readily translate into positive contribution at your bank:

• Well spoken individual with solid written and verbal communication skills
• Substantial understanding of general banking procedures
• Apt at conducting financial need analysis and guiding clients regarding appropriate services
• Excellent convincing power, instrumental in up selling various bank services
• Proficient in processing transactions and balancing cash drawer accurately

Gifted with outstanding interpersonal skills I have always been an excellent team player and usually settle in very quickly in new environments. My personal strengths including orientation to detail, eagerness to learn new things and deep sense of responsibility. These abilities coupled with my relevant education and familiarity with basics of accounting render my candidacy ideal for this position. I am confident that once a part of your team, my skills and competencies will definitely come in handy in the role of a teller.

I would like to see you in person and discuss my candidacy in light of your requirements for the position in more detail. Please feel free to call me if you have any queries regarding my educational background and qualifications. I will call you next Thursday to follow up this application and to set up an interview date and time with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henry Goldstein
(003) 555-6666
henry @ email . com


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