Gym Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Wondering whether or not you need a cover letter as you apply for a gym instructor position? The answer is simple and straight; yes! Every job seeker needs a cover letter irrespective of the position. A cover letter can make the difference in whether your resume will be read or passed, so make sure you include a well written cover letter in your gym instructor job application even if the job advertisement does not specifically ask for one.


To turn your cover letter into an effective marketing tool, you need to conduct a lot of research on the prospective employers and ascertain their exact requirements regarding the role. Your cover letter must be written in a tone that is in line with the culture of the employing company and must clearly paint the value your candidacy will be adding with help of promising and powerful words.


Gym Instructor Cover Letter Sample


Harry Martin
2110 Mellow Ave
Chantilly, VA 83002

January 1, 2015

Mr. Edward Wesley
HR Manager
68 Indigo Blvd
Chantilly, VA 83002


Dear Mr. Wesley:

In response to your ad, please consider this application letter and enclosed resume in your search for a gym instructor.

My attached resume outlines my 5 successful years of experience as a gym instructor at the Gold’s Gym and Fitness centre. I am a ‘peoples person’ and the very idea of interacting with people as they come to the gym seeking certain targets pertaining to body toning brightens up my day. I thrive on challenge and take each client’s targets as my personal test, proficient in conducting client need analysis and generating short and long term weight reduction, body toning or muscle building goals for them. As required, I am also an expert in designing and implementing highly effective work out plans for clients that also incorporate recommendation of supplementary dietary aids.

In addition to being an effective instructor with full command on leading group and individual exercises, I am also CPR certified and am very cautious when it comes to stamina threshold determination. I am known for innovative stamina building exercise techniques which is one of the reasons why my coaching skills are highly spoken of by my clients.

I strongly believe that if hired, my skillset and qualifications will translate directly into positive feedback from your clients. An opportunity to meet you and discuss the prospect further will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Harry Martin
(004) 333-2222
harry @ email . com

Attachment: Resume

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