Library Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

During an interview for the position of a library assistant, you will be not only be checked about your knowledge of working at a library but also about how well you get along with people. Since library assistants are in constant contact with people, they need to possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

Libraries are not what they used to be – a lot of library resources are in electronic form now so you will be tested on your knowledge of handling electronic information. This means that you must be technology savvy as you will be asked questions pertaining to retrieving information from electronic resources.

Of course, you cannot forgo the fact that your interview will be primarily aimed at your knowledge of books and cataloging systems so you need to be able to answer these intelligently. Some questions that you may encounter (and their answers) are given below:

Library Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

What do you think is the most important characteristic of a library assistant?
I wouldn’t say that there is only one important characteristic, however, detail-orientation is definitely top of the list. Library assistants need to work with records and know where books and resources are located so they need to be organized too.

How important is it to possess good interpersonal skills for a library assistant? Why?
It is very important for library assistants to possess good interpersonal skills. This is because they are constantly in touch with library patrons and often need to exercise tact. One also has to be patient and tolerant of patrons’ interests and tastes so that no one is offended.

Can you tell us of some of the library resources you have handled in the past?
Apart from books and magazines, I have managed microfilms, periodicals, audio and video materials and cards and slides as well.

What technology do you think is important to be familiar with while working as a library assistant?
It is important to be able to work with library-specific cataloging systems. Library assistants have to work with spreadsheets so knowledge of Microsoft Excel is also important. Since working as a library assistant means that one has to assist patrons in looking for online information or through library records, it is important to be technically savvy as well.

What maintenance duties do you need to perform in your role as a library assistant?
It is important to be able to perform some book repair and maintenance activities. It is also important to ensure cleanliness of bookshelves which involves dusting and arranging and rearranging books and resources in the library.

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