Rewarding Career

How to Select a Rewarding Career as Well as Get Job Satisfaction

Regardless of whether you are at the point of leaving school, college, university, or even out to change careers, it’s important that you select a career where you will feel rewarded and get full job satisfaction.

As you are probably aware, you will spend the majority of your adult life working, so it’s therefore a good idea to choose a career where you can tick as many of your boxes as possible. However, in order to choose a rewarding career that also provides you with job satisfaction, you really should know the difference. 

The difference between a rewarding career and job satisfaction

Many people talk about having a rewarding career or question whether they are getting true job satisfaction from the career that they have chosen. Knowing the difference can certainly help you spot what’s missing in your job role and therefore provide you with prompts on when it is time to move on, either to another employer to better your experience or for a total change of career altogether.

A rewarding career 

A rewarding career is a career that you thoroughly enjoy. Although it tends to be different for everyone, in most cases, it should involve being able to learn, share ideas and knowledge, contribute, and discover true potential and happiness.

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction, on the other hand, is how your job and work colleagues (including managers) make you feel. If you feel that you are undervalued or you believe that your work is being undermined, then it’s likely that you have little to no job satisfaction. However, if you are happy within your place of work, with your job, colleagues, and the overall business that you work for, feel that your work means something and that you are highly valued for your opinions, knowledge, or skills, it is likely that you have job satisfaction.

It is not too much to think that you can achieve both of these and therefore choose a career that not only fills you with pride but is also effortless and fulfilling too. Which career you choose, however, will depend on where your heart truly lies.

A career that piques your interest 

If you are looking for a career that you can lose yourself in, and that piques your interest, you should look toward the pastimes that you really enjoy, such as your hobbies. It is likely that a subject that is construed as your hobby is one that you are knowledgeable in, and that you have a form of proficiency in. 

Of course, regardless of what your hobby actually is, you will find that there are job roles and careers for you, or if you want to venture out on your own you can get started with your own business venture. For instance, you can share your knowledge with others either through video posts, written literature, or seminars. Or you can sell items online, if you have an appreciation of their value, uses, or background details.

A career where you can help others. 

If you have a helping nature, you may feel that putting yourself forward to help others is more suited to your personality than anything else. In this case, you would find careers such as medical practitioner, doctor, or nurse could be a good step forward. If, however, you are not so sure about medical attributes, or you’re a bit squeamish at the sight of blood, then a tamer career in teaching could be ideal.

Helping those who will grow up to be the doctors, scientists, or lawyers of tomorrow can certainly make for a rewarding and satisfying career, and with teaching jobs being advertised all over the world, you can easily choose your perfect location as well as the teaching level you want to start at. This means that if you wish, you can start your teaching journey by looking at the primary teaching jobs devon has available.

A career where you can make a difference.

However, if you’re looking for a career path where you can make a real difference in people’s lives then opting for a role in the local police or sheriff’s department may be the right move for you. If you’re wanting to progress in your role, then there are different areas that you can side-step into or step up into provided that you gain the right qualifications and show the correct aptitude.

If taking on the heady role of a police officer isn’t for you, then there’s always having an exciting life as a journalist. You can tell people’s stories, raise awareness to their causes, and in general make the world take stock of what’s happening either in their neighborhoods or on different continents. Of course, there can be a long climb involved to reach some of the heady heights on this ladder, and you may feel far safer combining this career perhaps with one of your hobbies or staying more local than heading off to some war-torn country abroad. 

So, to wrap it all up

This is by no means an inclusive list; there are far more job roles and rewarding and satisfying career paths that you can find. However, in order to find the one perfect for you, you need to work out what you want to gain from it. For you to truly enjoy your career path, you’ll need to listen to your inner self and decide if you want to help people, make a difference in their lives, or just follow your heart into a career that consumes you for the right reasons and makes your heart sing.

Whether it’s fame, fortune, happiness, or tranquillity, this will determine how far up the career ladder you’re willing to travel. It would be best if you remembered that top jobs come top money. Still, they also involve top-level stress and the knowledge that there will always be people below you trying to get the are positionyou’ve managed to secure.