Rudraksha Beads

10 Types of Rudraksha Beads and Their Benefits

Rudraksha Beads
Rudraksha Beads

The world is very unpredictable in today’s times. Of course, nothing will completely be able to protect a person from all external and internal forces, but Rudraksha beads do come close. They help attain moral clarity as well as spiritual growth over time. All these beads have different purposes, with some of them being more suitable for student lives.

Rudraksha is the name given to the tears of Lord Shiva. It contains a number of curative properties that are able to maintain the mental and physical balance of a person. For best results, one can look to buy Rudraksha beads from reputed websites. Being able to cope with life’s situations while being calm at the same time can be a challenge at any age, and that’s where these spiritual items help. 

Types of Rudrakshas beads 

Different kinds of Rudraksha beads have other benefits. Each is available with a different “Mukhi” or “Face.” A total of 21 faces are known, out of which ten are given here. Their names are as follows:

  • One Mukhi– It possesses the capability of destroying all sins and to take a person towards moksha (salvation). This is a rare bead where its owner has been graced by divine karma and Lord Shiva.   
  • Two Mukhi– Its ruling God is Ardhanareshwar and represents images of Shiva and Shakti, giving the wearer harmony and unity 
  • Three Mukhi– It is symbolic of Agnidev (fire God) and enables a person to free himself or herself from the bondage of related karmas and the past birth, paving the way of success through karma in the current life. 
  • Four Mukhi– Jupiter is the ruling planet here and it is meant to help a person seeking creativity and knowledge. Wearing this Rudraksha helps enhance vocal power, wit, intelligence, and mental power. 
  • Five Mukhi– Those looking to find their higher selves should wear this bead. It is able to improve word power, intellect, and awareness. 
  • Six Mukhi– Mars is the ruling planet here and this bead symbolizes stability, pacifying the planet. Emotional instability and mental lethargy are sucked out of the wear of this bead. 
  • Seven Mukhi– Those looking for better wealth, health, and newer opportunities should buy this bead, which is ruled by Venus 
  • Eight Mukhi– Any type of obstacles in the wearer’s path to success are removed by this bead. The person will be blessed with a lot of knowledge and wealth. 
  • Nine Mukhi– The ruling Durga Goddess helps its wearer to gain fearlessness, power, dynamism, and energy. Two main blessings here are Moksha (liberation) and Bhogha (fulfillment of desires). 
  • Ten Mukhi– All planets rule this bead and Krishna is the ruling God. The Rudraksha is symbolic of eternal peace, and it shields the wearer from negative energies. It is one of the most powerful Rudrakshas to control all the planets of our solar system. 
  • Eleven Mukhi- This is a very powerful bead with the capacity to enhance divine consciousness, exercise control over senses, display the right judgment, and more
  • Twelve Mukhi- The Sun is the ruling God here and this is meant to be worn by leaders, displaying qualities like radiance, power, and brilliance
  • Thirteen Mukhi- Being ruled by the God Kamadev, this is meant for attaining worldly desires, giving the wearer the hypnotic power of Vashikaran
  • Fourteen Mukhi- It is regarded as the most precious divine gem, and is symbolic of courage, strong willpower, and brevity. Hanuman is the ruling God and all the above qualities are his. 

Purchase from a reputed company

By logging on to the Internet, it is possible to look at a variety of designs and types before finalizing. Going through testimonials and speaking to references also helps separate the genuine companies from the fake ones. 

Health benefits 

A large percentage of individuals today suffer from different kinds of ailments, largely resulting from modern lifestyles. 20 years ago most health problems were age specific, but that isn’t true anymore. One of the major causes for these problems is the absence of harmony among body, mind, and soul. Here’s a look at the scientifically proven health benefits from Rudrakshas:

  1. Magnet – Beads become magnets as a result of Dynamic Polarity. This helps to clear body blockages and interferences, allowing blood to flow smoothly. 
  1. Shaping the personality- Traits like patience, self confidence, and intelligence are admired by almost all. Those able to display these traits possess excellent brain control Rudraksha beads help attain this quality. 
  2. Anti inflammatory- The spiritual beads display both anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Someone who drinks water with beads soaked inside is able to build resistance against various diseases.        
  3. Dielectric- The beads have dielectric properties, allowing them to stabilize excessive energy in the body, which often leads to anxiety and hypertension