Sales Representative Resignation Letter Sample
March 6, 2015 Cover Letter and Resume

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Sample Letter #3: Resign from a job because of a personality clash or conflict of values

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Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing this letter as a notice of my immediate resignation from being the public sales representative of the company.

The reason for my resignation is the fact that our newly promoted team leader has been very heavy handed with us to the point where I find it extremely unreasonable. Also, the constant verbal abuse that we have been receiving from him is a thing that I very strongly disapprove of. Just the other day, Michael had berated one of my team mates so much that she actually burst into tears. What’s more, Michael did not even have the grace to do this in private. The whole office was witness to the verbal beating my colleague received undeservedly. All of these things go against my values as a professional, and as a form of protest, I submit my resignation to you. I have found management to not be as concerned with these issues as I am, and I find that very distressful as well.

Despite these circumstances, I have really gained a lot of experience and knowledge from working for the company. I thank the management for this opportunity and I wish everyone all the best.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if the need arises, especially if it involves the training of my new replacement.


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