Junior Accountant Cover Letter No Experience

Cover letter writing is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort on the part of candidate. The time you spend in drafting your letter will pay off, so do spare some.

Attaining a junior accountant position – when you have no experience – can be extra challenging which calls for an extra impressive cover letter to go with your resume for the same. Begin your letter by introducing yourself. Sound humble yet professional. Showcase your core competencies while mentioning why the job interests you.

Use the main body paragraph to connect the dots between the job requirements and your competencies. Draw upon your acquired skills that are demanded by the employer and explain how the same can come in handy if you are hired.

Always close your letter with a call for action. Prompt the employer to give you a call, sound excited and interested. Mentioning your own availability is also a good idea.


Junior Accountant Cover Letter No Experience


Michael Davis

855 Timber Sq | Energy, IL 87233 |(004) 222-1111 | micheal @ email . com

December 9, 2014

Mr. Fredrick Jackson
HR Manager
IMV Associates
822 Mercury Lane
Energy, IL 87233


Dear Mr. Jackson

Having recently completed my associate degree in accounting, I am quite excited to see your job posting in Illinois Times. With this application, I formally apply for the advertised junior accountant position at IMV.

Some key features of my profile include:

• Excellent computer and organization skills coupled with a good numerical aptitude
• Knowledge of financial and commission statement formats
• Trained in bank account reconciliations and investment accounting procedures
• Adept at conducting accounts related journal entries
• Thorough knowledge of accounting standards and concepts

My detailed resume is also enclosed for your view.

My expertise in developing accurate and well formatted financial reports has always been commended by my professors and I look forward to work with same zeal and passion when I join IMV.

I am quite interested in the position and eager to learn more about your expectations of the role. Kindly communicate a convenient time and date for interview at (005) 333-2222. I am available when you are. Thank you for your time and consideration



Richard Mason

Encl. Resume

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