Job Description for Accounting Clerk Resume

Accounting clerks are hired by companies where there is need for account management – which means everywhere really! Accounting clerks are responsible for ensuring that a company’s accounts are settled. Without their effort, a lot can go wrong in an organization as far as finance management is concerned.

Job Overview

Typically, accounting clerks calculate and post important accounting records in predefined database systems. They also handle manual accounting procedures such as creating ledgers and balances and may even be entrusted with sorting documents including invoices and checks. Accounting clerks also perform clerical duties to support the work of the accounting procedures that they carry out or to assist supervisors in their work. In some organizations, accounting clerks man the front desk and handle customers’ queries as well as perform typical accounting work.


There are no specific requirements to work as an accounting clerk but employers prefer to hire people who have a high school diploma to their name, with some experience in handling basic accounting duties. One has to be detail oriented and organized if one intends to work as an accounting clerk. Proficiency with numbers and calculations is also a prerequisite to this job.

Job Description for Accounting Clerk Resume

• Verify the accuracy of invoices and checks and post relevant information in predefined accounting databases
• Prepare and submit invoices and handle payments
• Coordinate cash and check deposit activities
• Sort and enter accounts payable and receivable data into company database
• Prepare and produce accurate financial statements such as balance sheets
• Maintain record of assets and liabilities and complete and deposit tax returns
• Reconcile bank statements and manage cashbook management on a daily basis
• Issue and maintain records of petty cash
• Audit accounts to ensure accuracy and address any discrepancies found during auditing procedures
• Process refund requests and reconcile monthly statements
• Post details of business transactions including received and disbursed funds
• Type vouchers, invoices, bank drafts, checks and reports
• Post cash receipts and expenses in designated accounts software
• Report accounting discrepancies to supervisors and assist in resolving them and any issues that customers may have with their accounts
• Compile and maintain financial records of the company by recording and summarizing data
• Keep record of business transactions, compute costs and verify bills
• Create statistical records by combining data and performing computations
• Prepare payrolls and transfer employees’ salaries to their accounts on a monthly or bi monthly basis
• Manage day to day internal controls and arrange for purchase orders to be prepared

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