iSpani Season 6 is back on SABC1 open doors to unemployed youth in SA

Season 6 of iSpani is back on SABC1. You will be blown away by all the amazing careers they have in store for you.

iSpani shares the many layers of employment and career planning with young, unemployed viewers trying to get onto the world of work.

Ispani is a youth development TV show, where unemployed youth are placed in various companies and put through various tasks, and depending on how they do they will either be put through more on the job training, get an internship or be fully employed.

For most school leavers, the world of work is hard to get into. The steps to entry level jobs are a mystery!  iSpani shares the many types of employment and career plans available.  Unemployed viewers trying to get onto the job market are exposed to a variety of career opportunities, looking at multiple industries with employment potential for those starting out. Careers ranging from beauty therapy, bulk food preparation to aviation mechanics are explored at a practical level.

Each week an aspiring careerist is exposed, in detail, to the inner workings of a specific career starting at the very bottom.  They are taken on a process of orientation and practical job shadowing, introduced to and supported by potential employers. In addition to performing specific tasks that build the foundation of a competent employee, iSpani candidates are coached by on-the-ground experts in the field, who share their experiences in developing their own careers with the candidates.

Once the candidate has some shadowing experience and been coached with professional and personal skills, they are tasked with carrying out the functions they have shadowed.  For many this is the real test; they have to sink or swim, some will find employment, some will change their career goals, but all will leave the show, and the viewer, with a deeper understanding of their chosen career and how to go about finding a position in that will be more than ‘just a job’.

To be a candidate on the show please click here to fill in the online application.

Viewers can share experiences and ideas with iSpani on email address [email protected]