Office Manager

How and what position to get in a rental company 

What are rental companies for? Car rental companies help car enthusiasts to rent a car for a long or short term, as well as they provide the opportunity to rent a car for the holidays.

In this article, we will figure out what professions are available in the rental company and how to get a job. 

As an employee of a rental company, one way or another, you will be connected with helping people, for example, to rent rolls royce dubai.


1. Office Manager

Responsibilities will include negotiating with clients on the issues of concluding car rental agreements, advising clients on the terms of working with the company, organizing car rental transactions.


  • PC skills are required at the level of “Confident user”;
  • good speaking skills;
  • knowledge of automotive technology and the differences between different classes of cars;
  • ability to conduct document management using special software;
  • availability of own car for field activities;
  • basic auto mechanic skills.

You can unlearn to be a manager either at the university or take quick online courses.

2. Consulting manager

The consultant manager will have the option to work remotely. The consultant manager is engaged in consulting potential customers, receiving and issuing cars to customers.


  • work on PC;
  • the ability to distinguish between cars of different classes, brands and models;
  • the ability to present the car rental service as very popular and necessary for travelers and other guests who come to relax with the whole family.

In order to get a job as a manager-consultant, it is enough to go to college or finish high school.

3. Driver


Everyone knows what a driver does. The driver takes customers to their destinations.


  • аt least five years of accident-free driving experience;
  • no criminal record;
  • having a local residence.

Special education is not required, just enough to finish school and have a driver’s license.

4. Lawyer consultant

A lawyer consultant advises potential clients on legal issues. Answers all legal questions.


  • higher legal education;
  • work experience in the specialty from 3 years;
  • the ability to work with modern legal bases of legal documents and the desire to constantly improve their skills by attending specialized seminars and special classes.

You can study law at universities in your country.

5. Corporate Account Manager

They interact with corporate clients and partner companies.


  • basic knowledge of legislation;
  • knowledge of the basics of document management;
  • the skills of a confident PC user with knowledge of standard office programs in Windows and MacOS operating systems;
  • possession of a driver’s license;
  • excellent knowledge of car rental conditions for all categories of customers.

Given the need to communicate with representatives of various advertising agencies, knowledge and experience in conducting marketing campaigns and other activities to promote goods and services in the regional market are welcome.

6. Administrator

A large number of employees in the field requires the company’s management to constantly and clearly monitor the activities of individual employees and entire departments, often located geographically far from the head office of the Car Rental Service, therefore, to control work processes and constantly improve the efficiency of specialists, we need an experienced Administrator.


  • еxperience as Deputy Director;
  • personal car;
  • experience of interaction with the programs used in the company (1C-Accounting, Microsoft Office, DBMS, WebMoney payment systems);
  • basic knowledge in jurisprudence;
  • significant experience in corporate and accounting reporting.

The administrator is a full-fledged profession that can be unlearned at the university.


Car rental is a very interesting niche for doing business, in which there is an opportunity not only to make good money, but also to enjoy the activity itself. Who wouldn’t want to work with cars? Especially for most men, this can be a dream come true. 

The company has cars of different brands, sizes and for different purposes. Clients rent these cars for various periods of time. After all, it makes no sense to buy a car for a few days. The client finds a company, comes to you, draws up documents, pays rent and leaves you by car. After the agreed time, he will return the car with a full tank of fuel. You or your employee wash it, check it and prepare it for the next client.