Google: Student Ambassador Program 2018

Google has announced it is now accepting applications from students around Sub-Saharan Africa for the Google Student Ambassadors Program.

The Google Student Ambassadors Program seeks to find students who are leaders at their respective universities and whose mission is to use technology to make a difference, not only in their universities, but also in their communities across the region.

These students in turn act as liaisons between their campuses and Google, and train other students on how to use Google tools, like Google Apps for Education, Google Maps, Adwords, YouTube and more.

Students are required to fit the following descriptions to qualify for the Google Student Ambassadors Program:

  • Be enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study.
  • Be available 10 hours per month to spend on Google evangelist work.
  • Be familiar with Google products including but not limited to Google Docs, Chrome, Search, and YouTube.
  • Be an active Google+ user.
  • Be involved with student organizations and activities.

How to apply

Students who would like to apply for the Google Student Ambassadors Program can click here to fill out the online application form.

Applications close on 30 May 2014.

Apply online : click here

Via – Google