Feedburner zero subscribers again Why?

There might bad call going to follow, Again Feedburner gone to zero states (12 January 2015 ),   why feedburner stats for 9 of blogs suddenly gone to zero (0 subscribers). I have +2800 subscribers on the following feed.

I’ve never been that great a fan of Feedburner just use it because is cost effective than other counter part and free  .

Here are the one of the bigger problems with Feedburner

  • there’s no customer support (Feedburner check)
  • there are no service guarantees (Feedburner check)
  • there are no promises for future service (Feedburner check)
  • there is no one to appeal to: managers hide (Feedburner check)
  • usually you are on a URL you don’t control (Feedburner check)