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Sappi is a leading global provider of powerful everyday materials made from woodfibre-based renewable resources. Together with our partners, we are moving quickly toward a more circular economy.

Sappi works to build a thriving world by acting boldly to support the planet, people and prosperity.

Our products are manufactured from woodfibre sourced from sustainably-managed forests and plantations, in production facilities powered, in many cases, with bio-energy from steam and existing waste streams and many of our operations are energy self-sufficient. Our products include raw material offerings (such as dissolving pulp (DP), wood pulp and biomaterials as well as end-use products (packaging and speciality papers, graphic papers, casting and release papers and forestry products).

Sappi has over 12,800 employees in over 35 countries and manufacturing operations on three continents (ten production facilities in Western Europe, four in North America and five in Southern Africa) which produce approximately:

5.7 million tons per year of paper
2.4 million tons per year of paper pulp, and
1.4 million tons per year of dissolving pulp.

Our market-leading range of products is sold and distributed to our direct and indirect customer base across more than 150 countries.

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Discover all you need to know about our Sappi recruitment process here.

1) A position becomes vacant at Sappi

A position becomes available, which we decide to fill either internally or externally.

2) The position is advertised

The job is advertised on our Sappi careers portal, internal notice boards, PNET, Careers24 or LinkedIn. A closing date is also indicated on the advert(s).

3) We create a shortlist

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted by HR and the line manager. Depending on the number of shortlisted candidates, applicants may be required to do assessments or are invited for an interview.

4) Shortlisted applicants are invited to an interview

The line manager, team member and HR are present at the interview. Depending on the outcome of the interviews, it’s possible to select the best applicants based on their interview and CV.  If there is a “tie” between candidates, further interviews or assessments can be requested.

5) Assessments take place

If necessary, the applicant will be assessed to establish if they have any competency gaps and whether they are the best fit for the job. The assessment results are shared with the line manager with recommendations.

6) The position is filled

The best candidate for the job is selected. We make an offer. The applicant then either accepts or declines the offer.

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