Car Accidents

Car Accidents and Common Questions Victims Have

If you get involved in a car accident, then consulting an experienced seattle car accident lawyer will be very important. The lawyer will guide you on how to move ahead and get the compensation you deserve. Here, we will look at several questions that people have when they get involved in a car accident.

Is there a claim if an uninsured driver hits me?

If the other person involved in the car accident does not have insurance then car accident attorney in Tacoma you are working with will try to find out whether some other coverage is present. 

For instance, mandatory coverage in known as UIM or under insured motorist coverage, which can be used when the person hitting you does not have insurance or has very limited amount of insurance. As such, you need to take the insurance policy to your lawyer so that it can be checked whether you have such extra coverage.

If such coverage is present then it will be covering expenses incurred on injuries when the other person does not have required insurance.

What is to be done if I get injured in a ridesharing accident?

If you are traveling in Lyft or Uber and a car accident happens then there are different details that you need to keep note of. 

First thing is that Lyft and Uber drivers have higher coverage compared to normal people driving on the road and as such, you will be fully covered most of the time.

In addition, there is a law that provides no fault coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers. This means that the medical bills will be covered by Lyft or Uber’s insurance company. 

Lastly, in such accidents you will require assistance of an experience lawyer so as to have better representation while approaching the insurance company.

After any car accident, what are the common mistakes that I should not make?

One mistake that you should avoid making is providing a recorded statement to your insurance company. Probably, you will be receiving a call from insurance company within a couple of days from the date of the crash and anything you say will be utilized against you afterwards. Thus, you should avoid taking the call or even when you do, make sure that you are not providing any recorded statement to them.

Another mistake is no documentation of injuries you have suffered. If you approach a Tacoma injury attorney 2 months after the accident, but did not consult a doctor regarding injuries you have suffered during this time period, then your lawsuit will be very difficult.

Lastly, if you do not follow doctor’s instructions then it will be a mistake. For instance, if the doctor recommends that you take massage twice in a week and you are doing so only once in a month then it will create problems in your case. Your aim should be to do everything possible to get better, so that you have a strong case.

Are there any reporting requirements in a car accident?

As per laws, if someone gets involved in a vehicle accident then the accident is to be reported in the following situations:

  • Damage to property or a single vehicle and the damage is estimated to be $1,000 or a higher amount.
  • Injury or death of any person.

This law applies to all those who are involved in the accident such as passengers, driver, property owner, bicyclist, pedestrians, or anyone else who is affected because of the car accident.

What I should do after the accident?

Immediately after an accident you may feel panicked and disoriented, but steps you take right after the accident play a crucial role in strengthening your claim during the compensation process. By taking the right steps you will have peace of mind that the claim process will move smoothly.

Let us look at some important steps you need to take right after the accident.

  • Call the cops so that you can provide them a report of what happened and they will be able to immediately evaluate the scene.
  • Take photographs of damage that has occurred to both the vehicles and also of the scene of the accident. These photos can then be utilized by car accident attorney in Tacoma to strengthen your position in the case.
  • Another thing to do will be to obtain necessary information such as registration information and license number of the driver, contact details of other driver’s insurance company and similar other details.
  • You should also file a claim, which is known as first party claim with the insurance company.
  • Consult a doctor for evaluation of injuries you have suffered. It will also help your lawyer estimate the amount of compensation that is to be claimed.


To conclude we will say that taking the right steps is quite important when you are a victim in a car accident. By having the right information, you will be able to take the right steps and claim compensation for your injuries, damage, and present as well as future loss of income.