Architectural Graduate Internship Opportunity at Aecom

Location: PTA

Job Summary

International Office Procedures:

  • Day-to-day running of an office
  • Filing of drawings and correspondence
  • Running of the office library and sample room

Interdisciplinary Procedures:

  • Attending meetings with other disciplines (i.e. engineers, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, etc.)
  • Obtaining technical inputs from other disciplines in order to complete the architectural drawings


  • Sketch plans (Dependent on the workload of the office)
  • Presentation drawings (Dependent on the workload of the office)
  • Working drawings (Compulsory)

Contact with local and/or other Authorities:

  • Application of the National Building Regulations (NBR, SABS 0400)
  • Approval of documentation by the local authority (plan submission) Obtaining all the required documentation to complete a set of working drawings, & submission at the local authority.

Work on Site:

  • Site surveying and reflecting the outcome in documentation
  • Measuring up new and/or existing structures
  • Attending site meetings (formal meetings) and following up decisions
  • Attending site inspection (informal meetings) and following up decisions.

Minimum Requirements

Successful completion of the 1st Year Architectural Technology Practice.

Preferred Qualifications

Successful completion of the 1st Year Architectural Technology Practice according to the Department of Architecture.

How To Apply

Apply for Aecom Architectural Graduate / Internship Opportunity