Academic Coordinator Resume Sample

  • Academic Science Programs
    • Initiated, developed and implemented a new Emphasis in Pharmacology and Biotechnology in the existing departmental MA program.
  • Initiated and developed the new Pharmacology & Biotechnology program with an Internship program and Industrial Affiliated program (in the process of implementing).
  • Curriculum Development (in collaboration with faculty and/or staff)
    • Designed and wrote instructional improvement grants (~, dollar awarded in /) and an instrumentation grant (~, dollar awarded in );
  • Implemented and evaluated five different laboratory exercises for advanced undergraduate teaching laboratories in pharmacology, cell biology and immunology;
  • Innovated the Pharmacology Program and curriculum, modeling best teaching and learning practices;
  • Developed (with web designer) and hosted course websites.
  • Coordinator
    • Build and coordinate teams of faculty, staff and teaching assistants in delivering weekly laboratory exercises for advanced undergraduate teaching laboratories in Classical Pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology, Cell Biology and Molecular Immunology;
  • Lead weekly meetings with faculty and teaching assistants;
  • Resolve and mediate conflicts with faculty, teaching assistants, students and staff; problem-solving skills;
  • Providing overall guidance to staff and teaching assistants, delegating assignments and monitoring workflow