Babysitter Recommendation Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Wallace,

I am writing concerning Sally Farris, who has applied for a nanny position with your family. I simply cannot say enough about Sally and what she has meant to our children and our entire family for the past five years. My children, now ages 12 and 8, have grown up in her care. She has kept them each afternoon, driven them to various practices, and even stayed overnight with them while my husband and I were both out of town on business.

This is obviously evidence of our deep trust in Sally to care for our children. She truly treats them as if they were her own and shares such a special bond with each of them individually. Sally has done so much more than merely supervise our children. She has been teaching my daughter piano in the afternoons since she first came to work for us. When my son was struggling with reading, she spent time working closely with him. As a result, he has improved tremendously.

Sally has shown great ability to remain calm during an emergency situation. When a tornado struck our neighborhood last spring, she was monitoring the situation and took the appropriate measures to protect our children. I am confident that they are safe today because she was listening to the weather radio and got them both into the basement and shielded with a mattress before a large tree fell on the dining room where they had been eating a snack just moments earlier.

In addition to the child care she provided, Sally prepared a healthy dinner for our children each evening. She also helped with laundry and cleaning tasks, which proved a tremendous help to me. Among her strengths are her punctuality and efficiency. I simply cannot understand how she gets so many things done in such a short time. She is also very thoughtful, always remembering important dates in the lives of our children and bringing them cards, gifts, and notes of encouragement.

We deeply regret that we are losing Sally as our nanny, but due to recent changes in my schedule I will now be able to be home with our children in the afternoons. I am confident that she will always be a part of our lives. In fact, we are currently working on scheduling a time for her to continue teaching my daughter to play the piano.

I highly recommend Sally Farris for the position to which she has applied. I know that your children would love her as much as mine have and that you would never be disappointed in her services. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.