Boost Sales This Holiday

9 Things You Should Print To Boost Sales This Holiday

Shopping centers are usually bursting with shoppers during the festive season. Now is the right moment to prepare your business to get your cash share from the various holiday shoppers. You can’t miss printing marketing materials to woo shoppers, influencing their purchase decisions, and wondering what items you should print. Below are things you should print for your business to boost holiday sales. 

Season’s cards

Now is a beautiful moment to give your customers season’s greeting cards. These should feature your brand colors and logo backed by a personalized message. Avoid the temptation to use generic cards from a store. Custom holiday cards give customers meaningful sentiments. You must find a reputable printing company for season cards this holiday season. 

Have them delivered in matching envelopes to give your cards a traditional flair. Alternatively, you can give them a contemporary vibe by making them with a postcard style. This type of card will earn a stellar impression on your customers.

Holiday stickers

Another great idea to boost sales this holiday is printing stickers from StickerYou. You must find the best online printing service to get quality stickers with your logo. These versatile stickers are ideal for sealing envelopes, packaging products, and labeling gifts. Holiday stickers are also suitable for use as address or return address labels. Printing holiday stickers will amplify your word-of-mouth marketing to drive purchase decisions toward your goods or services. 

New Year calendars

December marks the end of the year, making it a great moment to give out calendars for the New Year. Everyone who receives your calendar will keep your brand in their minds throughout the year. Printing calendars with a suitable theme will encourage customers to put them on display. Your calendars can feature images of your products or staff. 

A professional printing service will guide you on the best type of calendars that your customers will love. Some prefer wall-hanging calendars, while others prefer desktop calendars. Regardless of the style you print, calendars are excellent daily reference tools. The best thing is that calendars are a cost-effective marketing tool to make a brand impression. 

Sale flyers 

Are you looking forward to boosting your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales? Printing flyers for handing out in busy locations is a great idea. Pilots are for everyone; you can give them anywhere, including restaurants, bars, or churches. These are ideal for promoting special events and deals for the holiday season. 


Another way to grow your holiday sales is the use of a banner. These come in large sizes, and you can print the desired meters. Banners reach out to various people and offer a significant return on investment when placed in strategic locations. You can set your flag in prominent public areas, busy roads, shopping centers, road intersections, and storefronts. 

Window clings

Printing window cling is an excellent idea for retail business owners looking forward to boosting holiday sales. Window cling attracts passersby and window shoppers. It is ideal for promoting sale items, special offers, and holiday discounts. You can also use window adhere to inform customers of incentives and motivate impulse purchases for the Christmas holiday season. 

Wall graphics

Another idea to boost holiday sales is printing wall graphics. You can have this published in locations that attract vast numbers of people. A professional printing service will offer self-adhesive wall graphics made with materials like vinyl. There is no need for grommets or posts. The wall graphics are printed up to 8 feet to maximize visual impact. 


Customers need to know your holiday offers. So, printing catalogs allows you to highlight what you’re offering for this holiday season. Full-color printing will make your records stand out to capture the attention of potential customers. You can also have the form to highlight special offers and holiday discounts. 


Printing booklets is a beautiful way to establish brand credibility and authority in the market. Booklets with tips, information, and advice relevant to your business are handy. And have them filled with product recommendations and mentions to maximize return on investment. Every customer will yearn for a copy of your booklets as a reference guide. 


There are lovely marketing tools to boost holiday sales. Anyone, including retailers, B2B companies, and service agencies, can use postcards. This list would be incomplete without postcards. Remember that postcards have a higher response rate for a good ROI. The affordability of postcards allows marketing to a bigger audience.

Bottom line

With the holiday season up to, now is the best time to prepare your business for mega sales. To make the most of the crazy holiday shopping, you can print materials like window clings and full-color catalogs. These attract shoppers to your store and insight into what you’re offering.