6 Reasons Why Dont Get a Job

6 Reasons Why Don’t Get a Job

This article may sound like an insult to other people.  But this what I get on my inbox everyday, I was hit over and over again with these questions “How to Apply , but there is a button “click here to Apply” , Where is fax number? , but the post state clearly only online application allowed “, “unable to find a job”, “no one wants to hire me” sob stories.

If any of these shoes fit, get a new pair quickly.  Better yet, share this with people you know, you may even need to highlight the areas they need to fix.

1. You don’t know how to apply online?

The world is fast moving online, do not believe the myth that says “Most jobs are either filled internally or through referrals” that is not true.

What to do:

 Get yourself an Email Address it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.  

  • All Online Applications need email address.
  • Try to search appropriate CV resume and cover letter
  • letter that that fit your need online and customise it.
  • Make a sure list your experience and skills appropriate.
  • Make sure all references still have active numbers.


2. You want to apply by FAX

The one reason most people don’t find employment , is because of O86 numbers Unverified account that contain scams. It’s easy to make fax compared to online application. But does it help to waist your money and time applying to a fake or scam account? The fact is O86 fax numbers even affect most vigilant people fall victim to this scam.

What to do:

To prevent this from happening to you or the people in your life learn to do Online Applications, search the number on Google if its not reported as scam. also do research about the company you want to apply to


3. You don’t not network

What else should you be doing? Try a combination of things like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is the way to go.  You spend lot of time online with your so called friends; try to use them to let you know when there is job opportunity. Be a fool once than to be a fool forever.

Successful job seekers use a variety of tactics, such as contacting industry-specific recruiting agencies or third-party recruiters, meeting one-on-one with past colleagues, attending professional association meetings, volunteering, meeting new people every day and Network!  Network! Network! .   If this sounds daunting or almost impossible, remember: More than 70 percent of people land jobs through networking.


4. You are waiting for employer to get back to you

I’ll admit, employers aren’t very good at responding to applicants.  Let face the reality, you need a jobs but you fail to make just one call that you made application but no response.  Let’s just all agree the process is broken.  You are the job seeker, on a hunt for the job.

No company is handing out jobs to the first person in line (though that would be nice, wouldn’t it?!).  You have to prove you are interested in the job, be persistent, follow up.

What to do:

One email isn’t enough. One phone call, isn’t what I’m talking about.  Pursue each opportunity until you get some sort of response and ALWAYS ask when you should follow up again.  Take ownership of this hunt. If you are not sure what to say or write Google have  all solutions search it online .


 5. You think isn’t about you, it is about the employer

If you are still obsessing over what you’ll say about yourself in your elevator pitch and using the same resume and standard cover letter to apply for every job, then you are missing the boat.  No one cares about what you’ve done and where you’ve been. They want to know how you can solve their problems.

What to do:

Put everything you say and write in terms that will benefit others mean employer and make it look interesting.


6. Your attitude sucks

You’ve met these people.  They complain, criticise and blame others.  They are negative and exude a dark black cloud.  People with bad attitudes use conspiracy theories to downplay, disregard, or discredit any actions that are in contradiction with their negative thinking.

What to do:

Stay positive, have a hope, if you are positive with what you are looking for there is no way you can’t get.  Do not plan to lose plan to win.

 The really good news about these six problems, is that they are all easily fixable. First thing you have to admit which ones are yours.

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