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10 Obligatory experiences to enjoy on your visit to the United States
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There is indeed never any bad time for travelling to the United States of America. It is one such destination that will thrill and delight every age group and at all times. No matter it is a return visit to the country or the very first time, you will definitely come back with many unforgettable moments. It is the world’s third biggest country, and its enormous size offers a lot of varied attractions and also a different panorama altogether.

United States

A Quick Look at the 10 Must-try Experiences in the USA

Although there is enough to see and explore in the United States of America the 10 obligatory experiences are as follows,

  1. Natural Park- In the American landscape, you will come across a wide range of natural wonders like Yosemite Park, Yellow Stone, Grand Canyon to Grizzly Bears and more. It is here where you can sleep on the lap of nature.
  2. Carlsbad Caverns- If you are an adventure junkie this is the place for you. You will enjoy creating rope-assisted descents or crawling through passageways. The largest cave- The Big Room is situated in the US and can fit about 6.3 football fields.
  3. Ellis Island- Situated in New York, this place holds memories and historical associations for countless American families. Through the Ferry shuttles here you can travel from Battery Park to the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty as well as finally back to the Ellis Island.
  4. Moon National Monument- A visit to this place will indeed be an unforgettable experience. These craters are indeed quite close to taking a walk on the moon without leaving the earth’s atmosphere.
  5. Horse Riding- Your visit to the US will be incomplete if you do not watch or take part in horse riding. This country will offer you horse riding opportunities in abundance right from Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming to Florida and more. You can gallop happily along the beach or the herd cattle, enjoy wilderness pack trips, take dressage lessons or see Vermont’s fall foliage. There are different riding packages that will help you in exploring the most spectacular scenery in the US. You can watch it on TVG.
  6. Grand Canyon- You can enjoy the beautiful sunset views from the Grand Canyon. Also, do not miss the Skywalk which is nearby at the beautiful Colorado River.
  7. Hoover Dam- You can enjoy a walking tour of the Hoover Dam’s pedestrian bridge. It is the biggest in the world measuring above 1200 feet wide.
  8. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park- It is abode to the two most active volcanoes of the world. The Rangers will take you down in the subterranean caverns and lava tubes created by the hardened molten rock.
  9. Niagara Falls- This waterfall straddles the border between the US and Canada. If you are going there you must not forget the poncho. A tour to the floors of this fall will be genuinely mesmerizing.


  1. Local Cuisines- The United States indeed is an excellent melting pot, and the evidence of their multicultural roots is in their cuisine. If you are a foodie, you will love to try new flavors here. When you try one, you will like to try more. The different types of cuisines that you can try here include but not limited to Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Greek, French, Thai, Spanish, Indian, Mediterranean and more.

So, next time you visit the US, experience all of these and you will surely love it.


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