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December 28, 2018 Marketing

Women are doing great everywhere and equally good in digital media marketing as well. There are several success stories of women in digital media. And if you were made to believe that you being a woman cannot get hold of how marketing in digital media works, then that is absolute nonsense! You must read on the success stories of some of the talented females on digital media to get the real picture. And the more you get indulged, the more you would feel thrilled.

Success stories

  • Melanie Deziel is one of the ‘Top 50 influential women in content marketing’ as per TopRank. She is a content marketer, speaker, influencer, and has trained many in marketing to date. She got associated from time to time with the 35 Time Inc. Media, Times’ T Brand Studio, and HuffPost Partner Studio. She has been generating influencing newsletters and gave excellent speeches on marketing topics. 
  • Mari Smith also is a name in the TopRank list, and she is endorsed by many global brands like TopRank and Forbes as one of the top social media activists and marketers. An author and marketer, she is a renowned name in Facebook.
  • Purna Virji works at Microsoft as the Senior Manager in a department and is declared by PPCHero as one of the most influencing personalities in PPC in the world. She is a specialist in SEO and SEM and is a top ranking speaker. She writes for Search Engine Land and is a high grade expert in Voice Search. Her contributions to Digital Marketing have been acknowledged by Search Engine Journal too. 
  • Ann Handley is a keynote speaker, digital strategist, author of several best sellers, and proudly an entrepreneur too. Her books are in the best seller list of the Wall Street Journal. And she is the proud owner of a company that trains marketers. IBM identifies her for being one of the most prestigious personalities in the field of modern digital marketing. 
  • Talia Wolf is attached to successful websites like Talia Wolf, Getuplift, as the main optimiser and the founder. And in her work, she has used research that is customer-centric, emotion analyses, and created essential site designs that help boost leads, revenue and sales. And she helped and mentored many companies. She is highly rated as a crucial keynote speaker in conferences of digital marketing and is recognised for her contributions in Conversion Rate Optimization. Her efforts are also acknowledged by the A/B Tasty Platform.

Stories of these fantastic women, who are influential leaders and activists, trainers, and speakers in digital marketing in many ways, are highly convincing that women have a grip on this sector in their very own feminine style, which is their strength.

Characteristics that make a digital marketing leader

A digital marketing leader must have some character traits to get success in this field. Some are born with these, while some nurture these traits. A better understanding of the required features would help you analyze how fit you are for the job. 

  • Forecasting the future is a must. If you have the eye to visualise, then you can get more creative with your marketing attempts and anticipate essential results.
  • Realising public reaction and how you can use this to create a market for your product is an important trait. You must learn to read public responses.
  • A positive attitude towards anything and taking things as it comes, and taking the next step with new understanding and expectations make you a better visionary.
  • Innovation in marketing styles is a must. You should not necessarily follow what the mass is doing. You can invent your styles, implement them, and note the results, and take lessons from them.
  • You must have the zeal in you to be different from the mass, and still be one among the mass. This attitude to be free-spirited in your talking, thinking, delivery of thoughts and speech, everything makes you an influencer. People do not accept a common man as an influencer. People visualise the uncommon and different from the mass people as influencers and follow them. And a good influencer has all the traits to become a good marketer. And trust this- many females have succeeded to become great influencers and marketers.

It’s the women power, the way a lady presents things convinces their audience, and adds a unique human touch to matters, which makes her a better marketer in any situation. And men face much higher challenges in the sales and marketing industry than women just because women have the power to build customer relationships in a zap, which keeps them ahead.

Try marketing by podcasting

It’s not writing and research which makes for digital marketing. There are many avenues to be tried and tested. If you are not an avid writer, then this does not mean you cannot express your views on marketing. Many women may not be as expressive in writing as they are in speaking. And if you believe you can talk great, and can make an audience in a few days, and can influence people with your full speeches, talks, and topics, then you can try podcasting. 

This is one of the smart ways that bypass the odds and challenges of writing and web content making in textual and image-centric ways. In writing, you just need the skills of speaking out things in a fluid, transparent, hiccup-free, strategic, easy to understand, and convincing way. And if you have it in you, you can be the next sensation in digital marketing podcast as a female marketer.


Whether you try podcasting or something other or new in digital marketing, it’s much essential that you work it with a sharp vision, analyse public reaction and emotion, and strategise your next marketing steps accordingly. There are several aspects of digital marketing that one can implement for their sites. You will enjoy marketing more when you would learn to utilise your feminine senses and perceptions in this arena.

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