Graco spray rigs

Why you should buy Graco spray rigs? Know its benefits and uses

Have you started a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation company recently? If so, you will likely fly from company to company and city to city, spraying commercial structures, houses, or roofs. However, many SPF contractors can easily become a nightmare to haul all the requisite spray foam insulation equipment from job to job. A simpler way of coping with this challenge is investing in a portable spray rig. For all their paint spraying machines, skilled contractors prefer to buy Graco spray rigs. Graco has the highest quality and finest performing equipment in the market, from low-level equipment for small projects to heavy-duty paint sprayers for large industrial applications.

Why you need a mobile spray rig for business?

What is a spray insulation rig exactly? How can you boost your business with a spray foam rig?

The easiest way to determine how a sprayed plant can support the company is to look at it as a mobile garage to store your foam insulation unit, a generator, a compressor, and many more.

When you buy Graco spray rigs, it will monitor the temperature around your chemical materials and can serve as a perfect storage method to preserve your isolation goods’ optimum temperature.

FBI regulating the temperature, you can store the products on the vendor’s advice, which will improve reaction control between A and B materials and provide a better end product. Or example, the plant will retain the proper temperatures for spraying chemicals in the cold. Alternatively, the air conditioning will turn on to protect the substance from overheating and spreading if it is a hot day. The moisture can also be preserved.

Here are the top 5 benefits of electric sprayers.

1. Lower Cost – Electric sprayers are usually more accessible, have fewer components, and cost considerably less than gas-powered sprayers. The pump and motor are typically a single unit that costs less than gas-powered) and does not need any extra installation, saving labour and cost of assembly.

2. Less Space: Electric sprayers generally take up less space in the car. Usually, the electric pump & motor is smaller than the assembly of a gas motor & pump. There is a range of drawbacks to the reduced footprint:

  • More space for other items & machinery 
  • Desire to use a lighter vehicle. Usually, smaller cars cost less to buy and run. 
  • This may be a beneficial advantage for pest control practitioners practising IPM.

3. Less maintenance– Electric control sprayers have fewer rotating elements and are easier to plumb. This suggests something goes wrong, more occasional pieces to stock, and better repairs to manage.

4. Greener Picture– The operator will pretend to be a greener business that does not use gas-burning generators and they do not use fuel.

5. Compared to gas-powered sprayers that can be very loud, electric motors make absolutely no noise. This will allow the operator to work without disrupting customers and neighbours earlier and later in the day.

Set-up For Proper Sprayer

While the precise steps for preparing your sprayer for use vary, depending on the sprayer type you own and whether or not you have already used your sprayer, the general steps include:

  • Connecting the hose and the spray gun
  • The sprayer flushing and priming
  • The tip and guard installation

Proper Surface Prep 

The most critical aspect of every painting job is to plan the surface you will spray. To wash some interior walls, use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) and allow them to dry. You are using a pressure washer and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the surfaces for exterior use, enabling them to dry. Fix any cracks, chips, and holes until clean and dry, and sand any rough areas.

Expect a certain amount of overspray for any airless project. Spend a couple of minutes cleaning the surroundings to shield surfaces from overspray. Cover the baseboards to secure any furniture, curtains, or shutters. Please take note of wind directions when painting outside, and cover any plants or shrubs with plastic to shield them from over-spraying.

Proper Procedure For Spray

Follow these simple spray strategies for paint delivery and consistency results:

  • Hold a spray gun roughly 12″ from the surface.
  • Use a long, steady motion for the best coverage. Begin your movement before firing the gun, and begin your sign after pulling the gun button.
  • Scatter the spray gun’s tip over the next move on the side of the previously painted field. Overlap the spray pattern by about 50%

Accessories and Graco Sprayers

Now that you know how to pull like a pro, buy Graco spray rigs that fit your needs. You will ease your project with the right spray tip. Graco gives the sprayers a wide range of accessories. Graco has the requisite accessories, whether a Pressure Roller Package or an Expansion to operate better or Pump Armor to hold your spray in top condition.