Driving around Dubai in a convertible

Unusual excursions in Dubai that will definitely surprise you

Travel and tourism are ideas whose primary characteristics are new experiences, perceptions, and emotions. In truth, these are distinct aspects of cognition. Many of our goals in life are motivated by the human spirit’s need to become acquainted with the unknown. The UAE is a country that has fully recognised the significance of the region’s tourism appeal for its growth and is doing all necessary to actualise itself as vividly and extensively as possible in this respect.

We tried to collect the most unusual excursions to impress you!

Driving around Dubai in a convertible

It’s so lovely to feel like a star riding a convertible in a luxurious city. Exotic car rental Dubai will help you to realise it. This rental car ride will help fulfil such a dream! Sitting in an exclusive rental car, you will see the Burj Khalifa and look at the legendary Burj Al Arab and Atlantis hotels. Take a ride on a luxurious rental vehicle along the chic highway among the skyscrapers, learning all the most exciting things about Dubai and revealing its secrets.

The route can be designed to see the most impressive sights of Dubai and the symbols of the UAE. You will drive along the central city highway with many ultramodern skyscrapers headed by Burj Khalifa.

See Dubai from the cockpit of a helicopter

Do you want to combine thrills and grand panoramas? Fly over Dubai: an experienced pilot will control the helicopter, and you will be impressed by the pictures.

First, you will be explained the safety rules and the features of the helicopter and the basics of controlling this aircraft. And then — up!

A huge metropolis will spread out below: you will see the World Islands in the shape of the continents of the Earth; the Burj Al Arab Hotel, a sail in the Indian Ocean, and the Burj Khalifa and the colorful streets of Old Dubai. You can get a taxi or organized shuttle to get to the starting point.

Swimming with dolphins in Dubai

Loyal, caring, gentle, attentive — it’s all about dolphins! Enjoy meeting the “people of the sea” in the lagoon on Palm Island. You will experience how to communicate with dolphins, play with them and swim, and the photographer will capture happy moments.

You need to know how to interact with dolphins and how not to harm these creatures. You can easily search it on the Internet or be instructed by a qualified specialist. And after that you will find yourself in the water: stroke the smooth cold skin of dolphins, play with them and try to swim, holding on to their fins.

In addition, you can continue your vacation on the beach of Atlantis and take a ride from the water slides of the Aquaventure water park at the hotel.

Sunrise balloon in Dubai

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Arabian Desert on a thrilling balloon journey from Dubai.

Begin your balloon journey in the early morning at the hotel. Then, before daylight, make your way to the Dubai Desert Reserve, to begin your experience. In the rising morning sun, you will hover over the Arabian Desert for nearly an hour.

You’ll be looking for camels, wild gazelles, brilliant green oases, date farms, and ever-changing shadows on the desert landscape as well as gigantic red dunes. Keep an eye out for the majestic Arabian oryx in their native environment.

Emirates that will surprise you

Reveal the UAE from a new side! On this journey, you will not see expensive hotels, skyscrapers and a luxury lifestyle. You will find an original national flavor, natural oases, date groves, mountains, desert and authentic Arab houses. You will stop at a camel farm, swim in the Indian Ocean and observe the life of the indigenous Emiratis.

What awaits you? Five Emirates in 1 day. Sharjah is the oldest emirate in the country with a monument to the Koran and an ancient Al-Arsah market. Ajman is a small, peaceful emirate with a wonderful atmosphere of comfort and friendliness that reigns here, walks along the picturesque embankment and admiring the palm trees and snow-white sand. Umm al-Quwain with the historical fort museum and the ancient residence of the local sheikh. Ras al Khaimah is a region famous for its majestic Red Sands. You will enjoy surreal landscapes and visit a camel farm. Fujairah is the mountain emirate.

You can book an excursion individually, in the form of a personal tour or a whole entertainment program that will fully meet all your desires and requirements.

Dubai and the UAE will provide a wide range of amusement and leisure opportunities, and your options are only limited by your creativity!