The Smart Way to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

You might not realize how many items of clothing you have until it’s time to pack them all up. Who isn’t guilty of saving their skinny jeans that are a size too small in hopes of fitting back into them? However, there is a strategy to pack up clothes to ensure a smooth move. You might not think your clothing is as delicate as antique furniture or bulky appliances, but you still want to make sure your boyfriend jeans arrive safely and on time. Follow these steps to move your belongings effectively.

Donate what you don’t need

The first step in any moving process is to decide what you plan to move with and what you can leave behind. The more items you donate before you move, the less you have to pack.

Sort through your wardrobe and pull out items you haven’t worn in the past year or don’t plan to wear in the future. Maybe there’s a dress you used to love but now gives you an unflattering silhouette. Maybe there’s a top with a light blue fabric that irritates your skin.

Donating your clothes is a good thing. You are creating fresh space in your closet to replenish lost items. Think of all the shopping you get to do once you are settled into your new home!

Sort your clothes by season

There are some possessions that you can immediately pack up because you won’t use them during your move. You don’t need to keep your grand piano or water skis on hand for a cross-country relocation. However, this is different with clothes. You still need undergarments, pajamas, and other outfits to wear until you reach your new destination. You also need clothes during the unpacking process.

Start by sorting your clothes by season. You might love your black straight jeans, but that doesn’t mean you are going to wear them in the middle of August. Any clothes that you won’t need to wear during the move can get packed up. This should leave your closet nearly empty except for essential denim and other outfits.

Invest in specific wardrobe boxes

There are two ways to pack up your clothes for a long-distance move. You can shove everything in cardboard boxes so your clothes take up as little space as possible, or your can protect your clothes with specialty wardrobe boxes.

If you have delicate dresses or simply don’t want your clothes to arrive wrinkled and worn, consider purchasing wardrobe boxes. These are tall, rectangular boxes that have a bar in the middle for you to hang clothes. If you are hiring a team of professional movers, like long distance movers Houston, they will be able to identify the wardrobe boxes and will know to position them vertically.

With the right moving company, you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience and know that your clothes are in good hands.

Protect your clothes with plastic tubs and bags

In most cases, your belongings are perfectly safe in the hands of professional movers. However, the United States is a large country and there could be unexpected events that damage certain items.

If you are worried about protecting your wardrobe, pack your clothes in plastic bins and containers. These are more durable than cardboard boxes and they can repel water. Large plastic bags can also be used with cardboard to keep moisture away from your clothes.

Moving to a new place is a stressful process and you don’t need to worry about your favorite straight leg jeans or professional dresses getting lost or damaged in the move. Follow these tips so everything arrives on time and in the same quality as when you packed it.