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March 4, 2016 Government Jobs

The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation is contributing towards skills development by providing opportunities to unemployed graduates to gain work experience in various skills areas. It is therefore inviting applications for an Internship Programme that will run for a 12 months contract period. Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the Internship contract.

The internship programme is aimed at enhancing the employability of unemployed graduates aged between 18 and 35 years.

Requirements (Reference Number)
  • Audit & Risk Management – Internal Audit (DSACR/01)
  • Gauteng Sports Council – Sports Science / Sports Management (DSACR/02)
  • Sports Development and Coordination / Head Office – Sports Science / Sports Management (DSACR/03)
  • Employee Relations – Diploma / Degree Labour Relations (DSACR/04)
  • Human Resource Development – Diploma / Degree Human Resource Management ( DSACR/05)
  • Cultural Affairs – Degree / Diploma / Certifi cate Fine Arts, Arts Management (DSACR/06)
  • Archival Records – Mogale City – Records Management / Archival and Records (DSACR/07)
  • Library – Information Science (DSACR/08)
  • Cultural Affairs / Library – Library and Information Science (DSACR/09)
  • Heritage – Social Sciences, Languages, Military Veterans and Heritage (DSACR/10)
  • Cultural Affairs (West / Tshwane / JHB / Ekurhuleni / Sedibeng) – Diploma Performing Arts / Degree in Drama Dance Music – DSACR/11
  • Cultural Affairs – Diploma / Degree Performing Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music Administration, Art Administration – DSACR/12
  • Corporate Services / Transport – Transport & Logistics (DSACR/13)
  • Records Management – Records Management (DSACR/14)
  • Facilities Management – Matric FET Qualification general Maintenance (DSACR/15)
  • Security Management – Safety and Security (DSACR/16)
  • Information Technology – Diploma / Degree PC Skills (DSACR/17)
  • Supply Management – Diploma / Degree in Supply Chain Management (DSACR/18)
  • Competitive Sports – Diploma / Degree in Sport Management or Sports Marketing (DSACR/19)
  • Sport and Recreation (DORA) – Diploma  in Financial Management (DSACR/20)
  • Recreation – Diploma / Degree in Sport Managementor Admin (DSACR/21)
  • Communications – Management Asistant/ PA (DSACR/22)
  • Stakeholders Management Media Liaison and Strategy – Diploma / Degree in Communications and Public Relations (DSACR/23)
  • Stakeholders Management Media Liaison and Strategy (Media Liaison) – Diploma / Degree in Communications, Journalism and Public Relations (DSACR/24)
  • Research – Research Methodology, Public Management, Public Development and Social Science (DSACR/25)
  • Knowledge Management – Public Management, Social Science & Knowledge Management (DSACR/26)
  • Policy – Policy Management, Management Social Sciences (DSACR/27)
  • Partnership – Marketing, Communication, Business Management (DSACR/28)
  • IGR – Governance/ Intergovernmental Relations/ Communications (DSACR/29)
  • Strategic Planning – Planning Reporting / Business Public Administration Governance/ Public Finance (DSACR/30)
  • Monitoring and Evaluations – Monitoring and Evaluations or Public Administration (DSACR/31)
  • East Cluster – Sport Management or Sports Marketing (DSACR/32)
  • West Cluster Recreation – Office Admin/ Sport Management (DSACR/33)
  • North Cluster – Human Resources or Admin (DSACR/34)
  • South Cluster – Diploma / Degree Sport Management (DSACR/35)


Applications must be graduates in fields specified below and / or have successfully completed the theoretical part of study and are in need of experiential learning in order to complete the qualification.

How to apply

Closing Date is 16 March 2016.

We welcome applications from persons with disabilities Applications should be accompanied by certified copies of qualifications, ID, CV and Z83 Forms (download here) obtainable from government departments. Fazed and e-mailed applications will not be considered. Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation uphold the right to place or reject applications based on service delivery needs and requirements. Note that due to a large number of applications expected, applications will therefore not be acknowledged in writing. Be assured that your applications are acknowledged with appreciation and will go on the database of the department. A very systematic selection process is in place to ensure that we identify appropriate candidates and only a certain number will be selected.

Enquiries: Ms. Phakamile Mpofu (011) 355 2973 OR Ms. Vivien Khanye Tel: (011) 355 2720

No applications will be considered after the closing date.

Applications can be hand delivered at 35 Rissik Street (cnr. Rissik 8 Fox), Surrey House, Johannesburg or posted to: Private Bag X33 Johannesburg, 2000 for attention Ms. Phakamile Mpofu.

Via – Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation

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