Sales Manager Resignation Letters sample
March 6, 2015 Cover Letter and Resume

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Sample Letter #1: Resign from a job because of a personality clash or conflict of values

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Dear [Recipients Name],

I regretfully am announcing my resignation as a company sales manager. I am expecting that this will take into effect no later than a week from now. The reason why I am taking this step is that I have recently found out about the real state of how things run inside the office. I have discovered that some of the higher up employees engage in very legally questionable acts which all my beliefs, values, and morals reject. I do not wish to be involved in any such “under the table” dealings, and I do know that I must leave in order to preserve my morals and dignity.

I feel very strongly about this matter, and I really do hope that after I leave the company, steps shall be made in order to remedy and eliminate this growing web of corruption which has entangled the company and its employees’ lives. I thank you for all the opportunities the company has opened up to me and I do wish the best for all the people I have made friends with.

Before I leave, I understand that I should train my predecessor, and I will make sure that I would be able to do this last thing for the company. Again, thank you for everything.


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