SABS: Procurement Internship Opportunities
May 2, 2014 Graduate Programme

Location: Pretoria
Closing Date: 02 May 2014

Job Purpose

To receive an on job training relevant to his/her career by being exposed to both administration & technical aspect of the relevant field by following an approved training programme.

Key Performance Areas

Generate Purchase Orders

  • Process low value purchases, ensure correctness and completeness.
  • Keep clear audit transactions trail expedite order placed.
  • Submit Purchase Orders (POs) to be signed off by responsible person.
  • Ensure that POs have been placed in accordance with the SABS Policies & Procedures.
  • Provide lead time report on all orders placed.
  • Ensure that correct calculations on POs are done.

Generate Requisitions on ERP System

  • JDE system training.
  • Create capital & Operations requisitions.
  • Differentiate the process followed per requisition type.

Vendor Master

  • Receive new vendor application forms.
  • Ensure compliance to vendor application.
  • Ensure that the attached documents are valid.
  • Determine the basis of deactivating the vendor on the ERP system.

RQF Process

  • Create & maintain RFQs.
  • Follow up on contracts with reference to the successful RFQ.
  • Prove negotiated savings.
  • Do a cost comparison.
  • Produce a procurement approval schedule.

Contracts Management

  • Conclude the contracts resulted from the procurement process.
  • Perform the price escalations.
  • Extend, terminate the contracts in accordance with the SABS Policies & Procedures.Warehouse Management:
  • Receive record & dispatch the store items in accordance with the SABS Policies & Procedures.
  • Conduct stock taking.

Business Analysis

  • Draw a supplier spent report.
  • Draw a report on approved requisitions due to be converted to purchase orders.
  • Draw a report on open orders.
  • Ensure that the VAT certificates for all Suppliers used by the SABS are saved on File and updated on the system.

Qualifications And Experience

  • You will receive an 18 Months Fixed Term Contract, which you will get after reading and accepting all the policies and procedures provided by the SABS.
  • You must have Degree or National Diploma in Purchasing, Logistics or Warehouse Management
  • You will be remunerated R5000,00 per month as an allowance.
  • You must have register with SARS and submit you Tax Number to HR.
  • You will be given access to Telephone/Internet & Email etc.
  • You will receive a relevant Personal Protective Equipment for safety purpose.

Behavioural Attributes


  • Expresses and articulate key elements of ideas or concepts (both written & verbal).   in a logical, descriptive and comprehensible manner. Anticipates reactions and responds appropriately. Probes and listens for information from others, without interrupting or judging, in order to understand underlying issues.


  • Demonstrates commitment to excellence service in day to day operations. Foresees issues that might adversely affect work quality and develops contingency plans.


  • Leverages others’ expertise, and shares information and best practices to optimize work results. Encourages others and offers guidance and support to others when assistance is required.

Problem Solving

  • Demonstrates resourcefulness by exploring a range of alternatives and options to resolve problems.  Quickly recognizes new problems and develops solutions within appropriate time scales

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