Renault: Finance Graduate Programme Opportunities

Closing Date: 23 May 2014


  •  Bcom Accounting
  •  Bcom Finance
  •  Bcom Financial Management


  •  CV
  •  Academic transcripts
  •  ID copy


  •  Stock Accrual Reconciliations about 26 Below I mentioned a few (Team work):
    •  Warranty
    •  Royalties
    •  Advertising
    •  Storage  etc.
    •  Doing journals to correct all the necessary Stock Accruals, in terms of wholesales sold but not yet cleared by the system.
    •  Checks of Stock Accrual accounts to see where the accrual is releasing to and if it is doing so automatically.
  •  Stat’s Report – Monthly Report sent to StatsSA:
    •  Recording the number of vehicles sold (new and used) in the network and by our 4 dealerships.
    •  Recording the number of Parts and other accessories sold
  •  General and Administrative Costs checks:
    •  Accruals and Provisions for all head office costs of Water, Electricity, Rates, Stationary, Salaries of AMH Staff, I.T Costs (Computer, Printer, Internet, Lines, etc) and Rental Costs.
    •  Courtesy Car and Warranty Reconciliation
    •  Used Vehicle Reconciliation and Provisions
  •  General and Administrative duties:
    •  Investigations of invoices which seem wrong (figures / not valid)
    •  Cancelling Subscriptions
    •  Addressing wrong invoices and getting the relevant credit notes
  •  Other General Responsibilities:
    •  Holding back of exceedingly high costs
    •  Checking for duplicate invoices
    •  Accruing for frequent invoices
    •  Checking up with suppliers when we receive invoices which are too high or too low.
    •  Keeping track of all Stock Accruals and which accounts and the release process.
    •  Keeping a file of invoices, purchase orders, business expense claims and DED’s
    •  Allocating invoices to the right accounts and recording of all office costs
    •  Keeping a record of frequent invoices and account codes
  •  RRO and Nissan Re-invoicing:
    •  RRO Schedule, Vodacom portion of RRO, RRO Printer Usage
    •  Calculation of Nissan portion of Vodacom invoice

How To Apply

Email: [email protected]

NB: If you don’t get a response within 2 weeks of your application please deem your application unsuccessful.