Reebok Internships 2018 in South Africa

The Reebok is offering the Latest Internships 2014 in South Africa. The Reebok Careers, Jobs and Internship Opportunities usually remain vacant / available for hard working and serious people in South Africa and many other countries. The Reebok Internships 2014 can boost your experience in very short time period, because you will be engaged in different departments to get internship training.

Reebok Careers and Job Opportunities can give you the real experience in your relevant field that will be helpful in near future, when you will be getting more better job offers and employment opportunities from other companies working in South Africa. Hence you should get the full advantage of Reebok Internship Programme 2014 by submitting your internship job application at the recruitment department of Reebok South Africa. The interested candidates should have a look on the details of internship programme at Reebok before submitting their application for internships.

Reebok Internships 2014 in South Africa

Are you brave, fearless, young at heart, do you like making it happen, doing what you love to do and digging deep to do what it takes, having fun while you do it, helping others grow and discovering every day more reasons why we choose to live or play on this beautiful continent?

This is an opportunity to learn more about business and be part of something bigger than yourself. Join Reebok and our mission to empower people to be fit for life. If you have a deep belief that you have the potential for greatness and a “yes I can do” attitude, doing what you love to do and digging deep to do what it takes, having fun while you do it, helping others grow and you live a fit and healthy life, then you may be the perfect candidate for our team

Just finished school, not studied yet but keen to grab an opportunity?

Apply for an Internship Position and you could be the lucky recipient of a chance of a lifetime. We consider matriculants or people who have completed certificates/ diplomas but lack work experience, provided you have the right attitude and desire to learn and grow.

Positions will be based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Closing Date: 25 April 2014

How to Apply for Reebok Internship Opportunities 2014: Reebok Careers in South Africa

Send your resume, picture and motivation to [email protected]. Your motivation should illustrate how you are any, some or all of the things listed above.

Please note – there are only a limited number of spaces available every year. Sending a resume, picture and motivation does not automatically qualify you for an internship. We reserve the right not to offer you an internship.

If you comply with the eligibility criteria for Reebok Careers 2014 or Internship Opportunities, you should submit your application for internships at the earliest convenient. Reebok Pty Ltd, South Africa is one of the biggest companies in Africa, and you should avail the chance to work at Reebok by sending your internship job application.