Packaging Operator Duties and Responsibilities

General Overview

Packaging operators work in manufacturing companies primarily. Their work is to ensure that the quality and quantity of packaged goods conforms to the company’s standards. These individuals need to be technically savvy as they perform many machine adjustment and maintenance tasks in a day.

Initially, each packaging operator starts out as an apprentice where he learns the tricks of the trade. Once he has obtained some experience, he can work as a full-fledged packaging operator. Technically, packaging operators handle functions such as starting up and shutting down machines, handling lockout operations and ensuring sanitation of the packaging equipment that they are responsible for.

Job Requirements

It is a requirement for packaging operators to be able to read and comprehend documents such as manuals and operational instructions so that they can work on different types of packaging machines. Knowledge of FDA and OSHA regulations is of course, an added plus when you apply for this position. Most companies require that the people whom they hire as packaging operators possess forklift licenses as they are often required to operate forklifts to move packages from one place to another. Another requirement to work at this position is to be able to work extended hours and possess good manual dexterity.

Packaging Operator Duties and Responsibilities

• Handle startup and shut down duties pertaining to packaging equipment at the beginning and end of each shift
• Make-certain that each packaging machine is in good repair and works in accordance to regulations set by the company
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on packaging machines to ensure optimum work cycles
• Responsible for packaging integrity and quality checks on each packaging order
• Monitor correct product weights and ensure that they are maintained throughout the shift
• Handle / discard waste that packaging machineries edict in a safe manner
• Educate workers on exercising caution to avoid accidents and prevent injuries
• Maintain a clean and orderly work area by ensuring that floors are clean and organized appropriately
• Assist in developing SOPs and handle reviews of manufacturing batch records
• Tend to packaging machines by using appropriate controls to package different items
• Load and unload items into packaging machines and remove rejected packages to be isolated as surplus
• Reset machines following malfunctions or need for repeated cycles
• Secure packaged items by gluing, tying, stapling or attaching fasteners
• Sort, label, grade and inspect packaged products
• Stack packaged items in storage areas or on delivery pallets using jack pallets or forklifts
• Create daily reports regarding packaged products and storage and delivery orders

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