How to actually keep your job

Keeping your job is not as easy as just showing up and doing what is expected – you need to prove that you are the best at what you do and that you deserve to be there. This is also the quickest way to get recognized and will make asking for a raise much easier. Luckily, there are a few simple ways that can help you to keep your job, even in a down economy.

Search for new ways to be useful. Just because your job description has you doing one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t expand upon that description. Now, I am not suggesting overstepping your bounds, but giving your boss the opportunity to provide you with more responsibility is a good thing. Next time you find yourself with your current projects completed (completed is the key!) mention to your boss that if he/she needs help with any other projects, that you would love to get more involved. Showing initiative proves that you are motivated and driven. Of course, if the boss says no, it’s okay, don’t push it. Your boss will appreciate the effort.

Don’t waste company money. You would be surprised at the number of employees who spend company money without even realising it. Things like printing pages with only one line on them, leaving white erase markers without their caps, running the A.C. full blast in the winter…all of these things waste money and every single one can be avoided. Being more conscienceless about where the money goes means the company will be able to afford your salary!

Be friendly. Rude employees are the worst, even if they are fantastic at what they do. No employer likes to here their employees complaining, so also if you are the marketing all-star, if you’re pissing off all your co-workers, you might be packing your bag. This one should be easy – we aren’t asking you to be sticky-sweet and best friends with everyone in the office, we are just asking for common courtesy and politeness to the people you work with. Remember…you catch more bees with honey than vinegar!

Be careful what you tweet/facebook/blog about. If you say something wrong about your company, your co-workers, your clients or your boss, they will find out. And you will get in trouble (or fired) for it. Social media is not private, and anything you publish on the web can and will be held against you. If you’re angry, complain to a close friend or family member over the phone in the privacy of your own home.

Be on time. Just showing up on time at work can be a struggle for some people – don’t be that person. Being irresponsible and late is the easiest way to get yourself fired. As long as you are on top of your game and responsible, it will be much more difficult for your boss to give you the old’ heave ho! Have trouble getting to work on time? Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier! Honestly, is losing your job worth that extra 30 minutes of sleep? Didn’t think so.

What else can you suggest for employees who want to keep their job?