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Hot Jobs and Where to Find Them

The job market is picking up, and some jobs are hot and employers in a variety of sectors that are hiring. Between now and 2014, total employment is projected to increase by 18.9 million jobs or 13 per cent. If you have the right education or training, you may be well positioned for success in this growing job market. If you’re not quite there yet, take a look at these fast-growing occupations and see if you can get on a fast track to a new job or career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment by occupation classification as well as by the largest and fastest growing occupations. Here’s an overview of the jobs estimated to have the most growth between now and 2014.

Top Ten Jobs – Fastest Growing

These are the occupations that are growing the fastest. Home health aides lead the list, with a 56% increase. Next on the list is network systems analysts at 55%, followed by medical assistants with a 52% projected increase. Health and technology jobs top the list of posts with projected high growth:
Fastest Growing Occupations

Top Ten Jobs – Largest Growth

These are not are not all the most prestigious jobs, but, they are the ones with the highest number of projected new workers. Retail leads the list with an increase of 736,000 new jobs by 2014. 703,000 registered nurses will be needed, along with 524,000 post-secondary teachers. This list includes a broad spectrum of employment options:
Top Ten Largest Growth Occupations

Where to Find the Jobs

Some of these hot jobs have significant educational and experience requirements; others don’t. If you are qualified, now’s the time to get going on your job search! If you are not trained yet, keep in mind that these occupations will continue