Graduate 2018: Digital Marketing Internship Opportunities at Quirk

Quirk hosts a 12 month graduate programme for brave, curious minds that have a hunger to become successful in the challenging world of marketing online.  It’s not for the faint of heart, though.

The graduate programme is split into 2 parts. In the first 6 months (the internship phase), you will be stationed in our intern pen, during which you’ll be expected to learn the ropes from the ground up – starting with answering the phone. While you’re manning the frontline, you’ll also be expected to complete Red and Yellow’s renowned Digital Marketing course – a 10-week cruncher that will test your ability to apply what you’ve learnt, and separate the coasters from the achievers.

If you pass the final exam, you’ll be rewarded with spending the next 6 months completing your apprenticeship. This 6 phase of the programme is designed to immerse you in the world of digital work, whether it be in paid media, search engine optimisation, analytics or strategy.

From there…well, the sky is the limit.

What we’re looking for:

  • Relevant completed undergrad or postgrad qualification
  • A fascination for the world of digital and a love of marketing
  • A sponge-like mind and a keen sense of humour
  • Courage and the willingness to go the extra mile to succeed
  • Willingness to get involved and play with the team
  • An ability to work under pressure and deal well with deadlines

Sound like something you’ve been waiting for? Get your application in asap, but remember, if this spot has your name on it, you’ll only start later in the year – we’ll advise of dates. Yes, our grad programme is that popular, so please remember to tell us why you think you’re the right person for the programme when you apply!

How To Apply