Grade 12 Jobs: Silo Labourer Opportunity at SAB

The South African Breweries is looking for a Silo Labourer in Caledon, to Loads bagged and bulk malt, cleans and seals rail trucks, off loads stacks and moves malt bags, draws samples from incoming barley trucks, brooms rail wagons, cleans empty silos and performs general cleaning duties as required.


  • Grade 12
  • Preferably with maths literacy

Roles, Skills and Attributes required

  • Works well in a team environment.
  • Sound communication skills in English and Afrikaans.
  • Computer literacybility to learn

Output and Accountabilities

  • Cleans and seals bulktrucks and bulk wagons for malt loading.
  • Assists with loading bulk malttrucks
  • Brooms bulk wagons to capacity volume
  • Moves maltbags from warehouse to 1st floor.
  • Fills and loads bags onto trucks.
  • Offloads and stacks empty maltbags.
  • Assists with inserting plastic liners.
  • Draws samples from incoming barley trucks.
  • Offloads incoming barley trucks from time to time.
  • Takes and removes samples from laboratory.
  • Maintains a clean and pleasant working environment through performing cleaning as required.
  • Communicate with other team members to ensure teamwork and agreement between workers as to who does what.
  • Performance to WCM standards
  • Is a member of the SABM emergency/rescue teams.

How to apply

Unfortunately this position is now closed.

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Closing Date: 03 October 2014