Give life to your old computers or laptops with Xtra-PC

An insight into Xtra-PC


Reduced operation speed and lagging issues are common when it comes to computers and laptops. They can often be frustrating. Xtra-PC is a blessing in disguise when it comes to these computer issues. It comes in the form of a USB drive. Plugging this USB into the PC will ensure that the PC gets access to the ingrained Linux operating system of Xtra-PC.

Xtra-PC helps in running the computer or laptop smoothly and boosts the speed immensely. Apart from boosting speed, it also provides additional storage. An old device can perform well with Xtra-PC, provided it has a USB port.

How does this product function?

According to Roulette online in South Africa, the Xtra-PC functions on an elementary principle, which is, providing an improved OS to the computer or laptop. Every computer requires an operating system (be it Windows, iOS), and when the device gets old, the software cannot function well under the new updates.

Instead of shelling a huge amount of money by buying a new laptop, one can use the Xtra-PC, which provides a Linux operating system. Moreover, many operating systems are available in the form of a disc, but not many latest devices have a slot for the disc. Hence, Xtra-PC will prove beneficial as all it needs is a USB port to connect to.

The Linux OS from the Xtra-PC ensures that the old computer functions smoothly and quickly. The OS can be obtained by merely attaching the Xtra-Pc to the USB slot. Additional support is offered to people who are not well-versed in handling computers or new software. Read more about xtra pc feathers at https://www.holgadirect.com/xtra-pc-reviews/ and learn how xtra pc can bring new life to your old computer.

What are the lucrative features of Xtra-PC?

Some of the features that make Xtra-PC unique include:

  1. Easy operation: All one needs to do is take the stick drive and plug it into the device (laptop or computer), and they can get improved speed and an effective OS.
  2. Affordable: The price of Xtra-PC is quite nominal. Rather than spending a huge amount of money on a new device, a person can make their old device perform better with an Xtra-PC. 
  3. Hassle-free transformation: One can easily transform the old computers or laptops into a better one, boost its speed, and eliminate lagging issues by simply plugging in the USB.
  4. Additional storage: Apart from great speed, the product also provides additional storage to the existing device.
  5. Product guarantee: Xtra-PC comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  6. FileRez Software: Though only available with the Xtra-PC Pro version, this software is embedded into the flash drive, which can help you retrieve your old files from a crashed laptop, thus giving you access to all your lost documents.

What is the price range of Xtra-PC?

The price depends on the type of USB one chooses. There are three kinds of Xtra-PC available, they are: 

  1. Xtra-PC Turbo-16: The cost of this product is $49.99. It gives additional storage of 16GB and boosts the speed of the computer. 
  2. Xtra-PC Turbo-32: The cost of this Xtra-PC Turbo 32 is $59.88. It gives additional storage of 32GB, boosts the speed of the computer, gives great gaming and video experience, and is the best for entire computer transformation. 
  3. Xtra-PC Pro: Pro costs $79.88, and it is definitely worth the money because it not only provides excellent speed and 64GB storage but also helps you to retrieve all the data (like images, documents, photos, and music) from the previous OS.

Apart from the initial price, shipping cost is also added to the product. For shipping in the USA, the cost is $7.99, and for international shipping, the price goes up to $12.99.