Apprenticeship Cover Letter Sample

Gaming Table dealer Trainee cover letter

A gaming dealer cover letter should include any experience one has regarding operating table games, which can include standing or sitting behind a game table and operating games of chance by dispensing the appropriate number of cards or blocks to players, or operating other gaming equipment.




Dear Mr. Clemmons:

I saw your ad on khabza.com for a table dealer trainee . This is the job I’ve been looking for. I am interested in applying for this position and that is the purpose of this cover letter. I’m a looking for training dealer and one who enjoys interacting with the clients. I have been a my dream to be part of this industry.

I would be happy to come to your office any day next week that suits you. Name a time and I’ll be there. Please call me at 000-222-2222 to arrange an appointment that best fits your schedule. Thank you for considering me for the job and I look forward to meeting you in person.

khabza Mkhiza

Enclosure: Resume