Furniture to choose for your baby’s nursery

One of the first things you need to do when you become a parent is setting up your kid’s room and this process involves buying a lot of baby furniture.

It is hard to narrow down the list of items you need for your baby’s nursery. This is why we have made a complete guide on what you should buy for your little one.

Research Before Buying Baby Furniture

Before you start investing in baby furniture, you need to do a lot of research. This should involve the space you have, what style of room you want to create, and what is your budget.

While planning the layout of the room, you can search for magazines and the internet for ideas. Look for pictures and the type of furniture used in the room.

Start With A Crib

The very first thing you need to buy is a crib. This is where the baby will sleep every night. The crib usually determines the style of the room.

Choosing the right crib is very important, both for the security and comfort of the baby.

Crib safety: To ensure that your baby is safe inside the crib while they are sleeping, you need to follow certain rules.

  • Buy New: You must be having a lot of friends or family members who are more than happy to give you their crib, but if you want to ensure your baby’s safety, you should pass on their offer. Old cribs have gone through natural wear and tear over the years, which can result in loose bolts and screws and an unstable frame. Another benefit of buying a new crib is that you get a full refund and replacement if something is not right in the crib. You don’t get this option with used cribs.
  • The bare crib is best: We know how tempting it is to decorate your baby’s crib with cute pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Unfortunately, all these items are dangerous and create a risk of suffocation. So, it is best to leave them out of your baby’s crib. The only thing you need to keep in the crib is a firm mattress and a tightly fitted sheet.
  • Mini cribs: After considering the space in the room, you can decide whether you need a mini-crib or a standard-sized crib. Mini-cribs also provide the same level of safety and comfort as standard-sized cribs. The only difference between them is the size.

Don’t Forget The Mattress

After buying a crib, the next thing you need to buy is the mattress. This is a surface where your baby will sleep for the next few years, so you need to choose the best one. Look for a mattress that is firm, breathable, and most importantly washable.

The benefit of buying a breathable mattress is that reduces the risk of suffocation. Plus, they are free from allergens and mold. This mattress also prevents sweaty backs, which can cause rashes on your baby’s skin.

The final thing to consider while buying a mattress is that it should have proper air circulation so that your baby remains cool and comfortable while sleeping.

Other Baby Furniture Must-Haves

Apart from a crib, here is the list of other baby furniture items you can add to your baby’s nursery:


Buy a dresser to store all the essential items like combs, creams, diapers, and more. You can also store socks, blankets, toys, and swaddles in the dresser.

A Changing table

A changing table is important. This where you will change your baby’s diaper or clothes after they have their morning bath. 

Rocker Or Glider

A rocker or glider is also a piece of important furniture for your kid’s room. This is where you will feed your baby, read books, sing songs, and watch them fall asleep.

Also, buy a footstool, this will give you more comfort and support during those late-night snuggles.

It’s easy to go out and buy all those adorable pieces of furniture for your baby’s room, but trust me, most of the other items are useless for at least a couple of year. Your kid will be mostly asleep or playing with you in their first year, so, why invest something that you are not going to use for another couple of years.

There are many other types of baby furniture in Australia you look to buy for your little one, but the above-mentioned are the essential ones. So, make sure you do proper research and invest your money in buying only the best. Because nothing is more important than your baby’s safety and comfort.