Early Childhood Assistant Objectives

A customized resume calls for a customized objective statement. If you need help in coming up with an effective early childhood assistant objective, fear not, we are here with help.

The first step in this regard is to establish whether an objective or a summary will work best for you. Though many recruiters and resume advisors argue that objectives are now becoming obsolete and summary rules the resume industry now, beginners and career switchers inevitably go for career objective statements instead of summaries.

Once you have decided to go for an objective you need to ascertain the objective/goal of the position in question. Same should be your objective. The objective statement exists on your resume but it’s not at all about you. It is always about the employer. For example, if the organization wants an early childhood assistant to contribute in implementing children’s daily activity plan, your objective should be to be able to assist in implementation of planned activity schedule.


A resume objective is all about being specific. A customized objective will state the exact position being sought along with the name of the firm where the position exists. For example:

• To obtain an early childhood assistant position with Kids Care. Willing to contribute positively for the betterment of the kids placed in charge.

• Looking for an early childhood assistant position with We Care. Bringing 5+ years of experience in the children nourishment and development. Particularly effective in program planning and implementation.

It is a good idea to mention the value you bring in the objective. It places you in favorable light as a viable candidate right from the beginning. For example:

• An emotionally mature and outgoing professional with ample knowledge regarding children developmental stages and corresponding needs eager to join ABC Company in capacity of an early childhood assistant. Offers ability to develop and implement varied activities for children.

• Friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic early childhood assistant seeking work in the same field. Bringing 6+ years of hands-on experience in supervising kids, ensuring their safety and facilitating their learning by providing developmentally suitable instructions and environment.

If you are not able to decide whether to go for a summary or objective, you can incline your objective towards a summary by incorporating your core competencies and areas of expertise in the objective. For example:

• Energized, successful early childhood assistant seeking a job in similar capacity. Well versed in facilitating children’s learning, catering for their emotional, cognitive and psycho-social needs and developing civic sense among them.

• A seasoned early childhood assistant, seeking to be positioned with ABC Company. Expert in children’s’ activity designing and implementation and maintenance of learning facilitative environment at the facility.