Dump Truck Driver job description, Duties
April 25, 2015 Cover Letter and Resume

Drives truck equipped with dump body to transport and dump loose materials, such as sand, gravel, crushed rock, coal, or bituminous paving materials: Pulls levers or turns crank to tilt body and dump contents.

Required Education None required
Other Requirements On-the-job training; driver’s license

Dump Truck Driver Duties 

  • Transport loose materials like gravel, rock, sand and dirt to required destinations.
  • Follow a schedule to ensure timely delivery.
  • Chart out the best route possible in order to save time.
  • Verify the types of materials being loaded on vehicle.
  • Perform appropriate maintenance and keep truck clean

Job Description:

  • Moves hand and foot controls to jerk truck forward and backward to loosen and dump material adhering to body.
  • May load truck by hand or by operating mechanical loader.
  • May be designated according to type of material hauled as Coal Hauler; Dust-Truck Driver; Mud Trucker.
  • May be designated according to type of equipment driven for off-highway projects as Dump-Truck Driver, Off-Highway.


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