Do Some People Feel Emotions More Strongly Than Others?

The short answer is yes. The long answer… You’ll have to read this article. But if you are a highly sensitive person, you probably already know about all of the challenges you and people like you encounter on a daily basis. Hopefully, this article will give you some useful tips on how you can deal with different situations.

Being Too Deep & Reacting Too Much

Problem: Most of the time, highly sensitive people may notice that they love getting into details about something and going really deep. At the same time, they often get blamed or praised for reacting “too much” in a certain situation.

Solution: While going into details and getting to the core of the problem is mostly helpful, HSPs may get lost in a particular topic and forget about everything else. It’s good to teach yourself to take a step back when you notice you are getting too deep. Don’t feel bad for reacting too much. After all, you are probably more empathetic than your peers. This can help you connect and relate to other people easier, which is perfect for building new relationships.

Raising Highly Sensitive Kids

Problem: Highly sensitive children do not always realize what they are blamed by their peers. However, a worse situation is one where the parent does not realize that their kid is a highly sensitive person. This can potentially lead to a disaster where the child grows up in an extremely stressful environment where nobody understands them.

Solution: In order to raise a happy and healthy highly sensitive child, parents should adopt various “sensitive parenting skills”. View high sensitivity as a gift. After all, most HSPs are intellectually, emotionally, and creatively gifted. Support your child in all situations and help them understand why their peers reacted in a certain way. Teach your kid to value their sensitivity and adapt to real life.

Being a Highly Sensitive Parent

Problem: Being a highly sensitive child is difficult; being a highly sensitive parent may be even more so. Highly sensitive parents often get emotionally drained and exhausted by all the day-to-day tasks and the noisiness of their homes. In addition to that, they can even get both emotionally and physically exhausted at the same time.

Solution: To become a happier person, try focusing on the good stuff in your life. Set your standards lower and you will not feel like you are constantly failing your children or your spouse. Constantly being on an emotional rollercoaster is hard, but remember that there are loving people around you who are there to support you and care for you.

Dealing With Emotions at Work

Problem: Most people – even those who are not HSPs – perceive their job as a highly stressful environment which it is. This is why dealing with emotions at work may be even more difficult for highly sensitive people.

Solution: Allow others to do the work for you. For example, if you need to translate something, use an online translation service such as The Word Point and let them take a part of your tasks. As an HSP, you are actually very suited for working in a team as long as you are not the one making all the important decisions. Try to “place” yourself in situations at work where you should act as a team player. Once again, let others make important decisions so that you don’t get any additional stress.

Taking the Time for Yourself

Problem: Sometimes highly sensitive people may react so much that they will need a lot of time after the drama to recharge and go back to a calmer state. It’s hard for them to brush off something easily and they are more likely to cry in different situations.

Solution: It’s okay to get into your room and cry into the people a bit. You will feel better after that as you will let out your emotions that way. Don’t blame yourself for crying, and don’t blame yourself for making bad decisions. Try to comfort yourself by doing something you enjoy. If you don’t like exercising with others, do it solo and have things your own way.

Keeping Up With Social Media

Problem: Social media is enough stress to drive anyone insane, but highly sensitive people may react to it even more than those who aren’t HSPs. News overload, anxiety, and even depression – these are the things associated with social media.

Solution: Highly sensitive people are used to noticing even the smallest details. This is why when someone posts a new photo, an HSP will see every single tiny thing in it and analyze it (sometimes overanalyze it). It is important to remind yourself that social media is not a true reflection of somebody’s life – it’s more of a shop window with only the best things on the display. If you get overloaded with information or start feeling anxious and overthinking your decisions, take a break from social media.

Accepting Yourself

Problem: Unfortunately, not every highly sensitive person realizes this personality trait about themselves. This can make them believe that they are “broken” and there is something wrong with them. In turn, such thoughts can even lead to depression.

Solution: If you had many negative experiences (especially early in your life), you may not feel entirely safe and secure. This is why having understanding parents as a highly sensitive kid is so important. If you are an adult and your childhood is long gone, try to surround yourself with supportive people who care about you and love you. Having a positive environment will help you accept yourself and allow you to become a happier, healthier version of yourself.

Final Thoughts

Being a highly sensitive person is not easy in a world that is constantly pushing you to do more, to be more. But if you find a way to get yourself motivated and become more confident in yourself, you may find that dealing with difficult situations is now much easier for you.