Cosmopolitan: Online Content And Design Internship Opportunity 2018

Closing Date: 30 May 2014
Location: Cape Town


The online content intern will be responsible for performing daily, weekly and monthly duties and performing ad hoc responsibilities.


  •  Own transport
  •  Recent graduate


Online ContentDaily Responsibilities:

  •  Repurpose magazine back issue articles for web (3 per day)
  •  Write original online articles (2 per day)
  •  Select articles for content sharing from sister brands (2 per day)
  •  Update horoscopes (daily including scheduling for weekends)
  •  Upload all web content to mobi site (minimum 12 daily)
  •  Upload all web content to Pinterest (minimum 12 daily)
  •  Upload all links into Bitly and rename them (minimum 12 daily)
  •  Upload all links into Google document (minimum 12 daily)
  •  Maintain a Google calendar of COSMO-relevant events: Awards ceremonies, celeb birthdays etc
Online Design Daily Responsibilities:

  •  Design and upload carousel articles (4 per day)
  •  Update the ‘get more COSMO’ articles (3 per day)
  •  Source and resize images for online stories (as needed)
  •  Source and design share-able quotes for social media (1 per day)
  •  Write original online articles (2 per day)
  •  Repurpose magazine back issue articles for web (3 per day)
  •  Ad-hoc design needs e.g. Assisting the magazine/promotions/marketing designers; creating images for commercial projects; creating images to push magazine sales; creating images to increase competition entries; creating PowerPoints for the editor; capturing screenshots of competition entries
  • Weekly Responsibilities:
    •  Select articles for the newsletter based on analytic
    •  Upload newsletter content in the template
    •  Send test newsletter
    •  Send real newsletter
    •  Record social media and web stats into Google document
    •  Write / repurpose and upload a Sex Position article once a week
    •  Make sure that topical stories have been written eg. #WCW
    •  Ensure that a new ‘CG’s Daily 5’ Article is written / uploaded at least twice a week
  •  Monthly Responsibilities:
    •  Ensure that on-sale date articles are uploaded for each new issue:
    •  Reader’s letters
    •  Ed’s letter
    •  Competition winners (this page is currently not working on the site but that’s the theory)
    •  Subscription banners (small and large)
    •  Print subscription offer page
    •  Digi subscription page
    •  Mag competitions
    •  From the Mag page
    •  Magazine ‘go online and find’ articles – written and uploaded
    •  Attend events and launches when possible


  •  Very organized
  •  Excellent time management
  •  Passion for magazines
  •  Written work (not academic)

How To Apply

Apply for the Cosmopolitan Online Content and Design Internship 2014