Civil Engineering Graduate 2018 at Maccaferri

The Maccaferri 2015 Graduate Programme invites applications from talented graduate engineers and offers the opportunity to achieve a high level of engineering and business understanding within a globally successful engineering company.It is likely that the candidates will be civil, geotechnical or environmental graduates, or an allied degree. At the end of a comprehensive training period designed to fully develop the candidate potential, these talented graduate engineers will be appointed directly to the technical office or technical-sales positions within various Maccaferri companies around the world.

The graduate program training period will be based in Bologna, Italy and it is scheduled to start in March 2015. It will be focused on the four main areas of interest (Double twist mesh products for retaining walls, hydraulic works and soil reinforcement; Rockfall and Natural hazard mitigation; Geosynthetics; Vertical walls) and will proceed in four stages:

  • General training on Maccaferri products and technical solutions (about 3 months);
  • Expanding the knowledge acquired in the first phase and mentoring by more experienced colleagues (on-the-job training), focusing on the development of projects and technical and economic proposals (about 9-10 months);
  • Specialization, focusing on the role (technical/sales) and on the local market; products, technical solutions and standards adopted – (about 4-6 months);
  • Familiarization with the final destination subsidiary (about 4-5 months).

During this period of training, the Candidates will visit Maccaferri establishments and construction sites where Maccaferri products are being installed.

Following this period of intense training, the candidate will then be assigned to one of two differing roles according upon the needs of the Maccaferri subsidiary, candidate aptitude and knowledge. The job will be located within the local subsidiary.

1. Project Engineer

The Candidate will work with Consulting engineers and design firms to develop “first sale” activity, and with Contractors for the “second sale” activity, taking, step by step, full responsibility for the Technical Proposals prepared under the control of the Technical Manager of the subsidiary.

 2. Technical-Commercial Engineer

The Candidate will be expected to visit Clients and to prepare commercial proposals working in close cooperation with the Technical Department and the Sales Manager of the local subsidiary to which they are assigned.


Civil Engineering Degree with special attention to geotechnics, hydraulics and civil structures. Candidates with International or ERASMUS experience will be favourably considered.

Technical knowledge:

The Candidate should have experience with the following engineering aspects (either through university studies or job experience):

GEOTECHNICS: Soil parameter selection on the basis of ground investigation data supplied by Clients, earth pressure theory, preliminary evaluation of the settlements, slope stability, international geotechnical standards/codes;
HYDRAULICS: Free surface flow, river hydrology, river flood protection, underground water flow, analysis of extreme events (rain, river discharges);
STRUCTURES: Retaining wall stability, preliminary design of road pavements and platforms, design of rock fall protection structures, international standards/codes;
COASTAL PROTECTION AND PORTS: Elements of coastal protection, wave forecast analysis, wave propagation from offshore areas to the coast, preliminary design of breakwaters, quays and, jetties, including scour protection.

How to apply

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