Bowman Gilfillan: Law Vacation Programme June / July 2018

Location: JHB


The goal of our vacation programme, which is run for a period of two weeks in both the summer and winter vacations, is to introduce law students to the firm, its lawyers and practice, with as realistic an experience in a major law firm as possible. The summer programme is usually in December/January and the winter programme is usually in June/July. You may be asking what kind of future could I build if I joined Bowman Gilfillan? At Bowman Gilfillan we look for LLB Graduates with the four fundamentals:

  • Grit,
  • Drive,
  • Depth and
  • Passion.

How To Apply

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Enquiries: Nthabiseng Kolobe

Tel: +27 11 669-9131 or Email: [email protected]