7 Creative Work Spaces to Take Advantage of at a Hotel

Creative Work Spaces to Take Advantage of at a Hotel


The hospitality industry knows that the business travel segment will continue to increase. Companies such as Deloitte made corporate travel a valuable sector. 

Technology also makes it easy to travel and work remotely. All you need is your laptop, access to a reliable WiFi connection, and software. These three items allow you to work from any place in the world.

On a business trip, anything can happen. Last-minute travel, presentation edits, and information additions can come in at the eleventh hour. Therefore, you might need to find an unconventional place to complete work, even at a hotel.

We outline seven creative work spaces to take advantage of at a hotel. Creative workspaces at hotels offer unique environments for productivity and inspiration. However, when planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway, finding the right accommodation is equally important. For those in search of comfort and affordability, consider the Westgate Palace Hotel amd find out more..This valuable resource will help you choose the perfect lodging without feeling overwhelmed by promotional content, ensuring a delightful stay during your travels.

1. Lobby

Hotel lobbies serve several purposes in 2022. A lobby is still a waiting area for rooms to become available, transportation, or colleagues. 

The nicer hotels add amenities to the lobby such as snacks, water, and somewhere comfortable to sit.

In a pinch, hotel staff will allow you to work in the lobby for a few minutes; maybe you can stretch it to an hour to two. Since the lobby is the most public space, staff will probably limit it.

Nonetheless, it’s a creative space that gives you access to WiFi, electrical outlets, and somewhere to sit.

Hotel Engine outlines additional hotel services every business traveler should know.

2. Bar Area

Hotels know that business travelers can’t always go off-campus to grab an aperitif. Thus, many have integrated small bar areas. Plus, it keeps business on-site. 

A bar area becomes an additional income source for the hotel.

In addition, a bar area becomes a creative place to work. It often has access to WiFi and electrical outlets. Plus, it has places to sit. 

To work here, order something. Then, tip the bartender. If the area isn’t crowded, you help keep the bartender busy so the bartender doesn’t mind you working there.

3. Dining Room

Hotel dining rooms have enough space for several guests to eat at the same time. When it’s not mealtime, the room becomes a creative work space.

To avoid bringing attention to yourself, sit away from the areas where staff prep the room for meals. Plus, remember to sit near electrical outlets. Otherwise, you have everything you need – a chair, table, and WiFi access.

4. Shared Spaces

Hotel construction remained busy leading into 2019. That year, the industry saw 3,159 new hotels open worldwide. For 2021, the hotel industry had over 600 projects set to launch. 

New construction doubles as an opportunity to improve on the past.

Several industries have placed a lot of attention on the millennial generation. They became the largest generation in the workforce during 2016. 

Since the millennial generation ushered in the shared workspace concept, new hotels integrated these spaces too.

Thus, another place to complete some work on the road is your hotel’s shared workspaces.

5. Private Rooms

Hotels employ professionals who help them maximize every square footage of the property. If a room is not in use, they shut it down. The room does not receive staff service or utilities such as electricity until its next use.

Nonetheless, private rooms at hotels become creative places to work. Sometimes the room continues receiving electricity and cleaning services so it’s not generating a profit.

Properties make these rooms available to business travelers as a goodwill gesture. Their goal is to keep attracting your patronage. Therefore, they offer the private room as a free amenity. 

6. Patio

If you travel to Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix, these cities receive sun throughout the year, even in winter. Therefore, many hotels in these locations will have a patio.

When the WiFi signal stretches to the patio, you can work there. Patios have places to sit. Plus, they might receive drink and food services. 

Thus, it’s a comfortable place to complete business tasks, get some sun, and have a snack.

7. Event Spaces

A great place to work is in the event spaces of hotels. Often, they have all the equipment needed to plug in your laptop, receive a reliable WiFi signal, and comfortable places to sit.

To work in this space, talk with hotel staff first.


Technology makes working on the road easier than ever before. At your hotel, you can find places to work outside of your room. Newer hotels most likely have shared workspaces, patios, and private rooms where you can complete some business tasks on the fly.