What are the Benefits of an Online Social Work Degree?

What are the Benefits of an Online Social Work Degree?

Pursuing a social work degree – particularly a master’s degree in social work – is time-consuming.

Yet, it is undoubtedly a rewarding process when you graduate and enter the workforce, where you can use your knowledge and skills to better other people’s lives.

Not that long ago, studying online was viewed as taboo. But in today’s world, getting an online degree is preferred by many students.

If you’re interested in getting an online social work degree, there are certainly plenty of benefits you can enjoy.

Flexibility of Scheduling

Perhaps the most significant advantage of getting an online social work degree is that you can expect a much more flexible schedule.

Many online social work programs have multiple start dates throughout the year, so you can begin the program when the timing is right. Additionally, some online social work degree programs allow you to work at your own pace and take courses in the order that best fits your unique needs.

Of course, being able to study on your own time and participate in course activities at the time of day that works best for you also allows you to complete your studies without interfering with other life obligations like working or spending time with family.

Online Programs Bring the Same Rigor and Quality to Your Home

When you enroll in an online social work degree program, the chances are that the curriculum and the professors are the same as they are for on-campus students.

This means that you can experience the same lectures and quality of instruction and engage in the same learning activities from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, today’s online learning platforms are far more advanced than they used to be. Twenty years ago, you might have been lucky to have an online chat room where you could discuss classroom topics with your classmates and professors. But today, online learning includes interactive lessons, video chat, downloadable resources, and much more.

You Can Learn With a Diverse Group

With an online program in social work, you get the advantage of being able to learn in a cohort that might be highly diverse.

Since many online social work programs are offered worldwide, you can learn about social work issues with other students from around the country and the globe. Doing so helps build an understanding of critical social work issues from a multicultural perspective. This global viewpoint can also be achieved in on-campus programs, but perhaps not to the same extent. Having the ability to learn and grow with other classmates with very different backgrounds from your own will only help you serve your clients better when you become a social worker.

Build Important Technology Skills

Learning online requires that you master specific technology skills – skills that will come in handy as a social worker.

For example, you’ll likely need to learn how to use new software and technologies like webcams and microphones and conduct extensive online research. 

When working with clients as a social worker, these and other technology-related skills will help you communicate better, be more efficient, and be a more organised service provider. This is becoming increasingly important as helping professions like social work becomes increasingly dependent on technology to organise, implement, and evaluate the services provided to clients.

Learn How to Manage Your Time

As a college student, no one can tell you to get your work done. Instead, attending to necessary tasks rests squarely on your shoulders. This is especially true of online learners. Without set class times and a professor leaning over your shoulder, it can be tempting to wait until the last minute to do assignments or to skip them entirely.

The same situation applies to working in the field of social work. It falls on you to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. And make no mistake – social workers have a lot of work!

Excellent time management skills will help you stay organised, meet deadlines, and provide the best services for your clients. Getting your degree online will undoubtedly help build those types of skills.

An Online Degree Can Save You Money

There is no mistaking that getting a college education can be expensive. But if you learn online, you might be able to save some money.

For example, there’s no commute to school, so there is no need to buy extra gas for your car. There’s no need to pay for parking, either. Learning online can also negate the expenses of eating out, child care, and wear and tear on your vehicle.