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Top 22 Most expensive schools in South Africa in 2018

South Africa’s most expensive schools have adjusted their fee structures for 2015, and are now more expensive than ever.

South Africa’s second most expensive school, MichaelHouse, has joined Hilton as one of the only two schools in the country that has an annual fee exceeding R200,000 per student.

More notably, the schools also achieved a bachelor pass rate (qualifying to study towards a degree) between 83% and 100%, averaging 96% amongst the schools analysed

Most expensive schools in SA (2015)

School Annual Fee (Board)
Annual Fee (Day)
Hilton College R219 500 N/A
MichaelHouse R208 320 N/A
St Andrews College R199 140 R88 950
Roedean School for Girls R196 539 R107 670
Kearsney College R195 800 R134 800
St Johns R194 231 R115 067
St Andrew’s School for Girls R189 830 R102 400
St Martins R184 460 R112 000
Bishops R184 120 R105 520
St Stithians R181 693 R104 770
St Mary’s School Waverly R181 900 R100 650
St Alban’s College R181 000 R102 900
St Mary’s School for Girls R173 700 R92 450
Diocesan School for Girls Grahamstown R171 810 R86 100
Kingswood College R171 030 R89 550
St Mary’s DSG R166 155 R90 630
St Cyprians R159 774 R83 974
Herschel Girls’ School R157 560 R78 960
The Wykeham Collegiate R154 820 R83 500
Treverton College R149 800 R72 800
Bridge House R149 490 R81 680
St Charles (PMB) R142 900 R75 700

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