Tips for a job interview & how to prepare your CV

Tips for a job interview

  1. Check the company website, what they do, what’s their mission…etc
  2. Dress for interview success
  3. Look at most common interview mistakes to avoid
  4. Listen carefully to the questions and answer them concisely
  5. Pay attention to the way you communicate
  6. Take your CV and your qualifications with
  7. Highlight your best attributes in the interview
  8. Smile
  9. Sleep early the night before the interview
  10. Don’t forget to say thank you after the interview

Tips on how to prepare your CV

  1. The content of a CV should reflect the position for which you are applying for.
  2. Show passion about your work
  3. Be honest
  4. Write clearly and concisely
  5. Make sure that your CV is printed on a good quality paper
  6. Make sure that the font size of every page is the same
  7. Include your hobbies
  8. Put at least two references