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Theatre Company Calls For Performing Arts Graduates

The Kwasha! Theatre Company

The Kwasha! Theatre Company is calling on performing arts graduates to join the company in 2021. 

The Kwasha! Theatre Company is a performing arts theatre company which was launched by the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Windybrow Arts Centre in 2018. The company’s purpose is to serve as a bridge between graduates’ education and their professional careers. 

They are currently looking for outstanding performing arts graduates to join their company. 

The company provides guaranteed employment as a performer/theatre-maker for 10 months and offers the opportunity for artists to gain professional work experience and a space to learn and practise the business skills needed for this industry. 

They do this by offering a programme of exciting and diverse creative projects and collaborations, this results in a collection of live and digital performances created by Kwasha!. Opportunities to create original work also exists in the programme granted that it reflects the company’s unique voices and experiences as young South Africans, as well as work that challenges the conventional norms of theatre.

The effects of Covid-19 in 2020 saw the company creating innovative work which involved a binaural experience in which the audience could listen to the theatre production as theatres were not allowed to open due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Performing arts graduates who have graduated from a reputable training institution within the last five years are eligible to be members of Kwasha! theatre company.

To apply, applicants must submit a CV and a motivation letter (that clearly states the skills, knowledge and other attributes that the applicant would be able to contribute the company) via email to Rudy Motseatsea at [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday 6 January 2021. 

Apply Now!

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Monday 11 January 2021 for an audition on 20 or 21 January 2021. 

Final decisions will be made by Friday 22 January and the company plans to begin operating from 1 February 2021. 

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