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The Urgent Need for Digital Businesses to Get AI Service Desk Software

Basic level 1 desktop IT support costs businesses a lot of time and money. Most modern-day businesses can be deemed ‘digital.’ They take and execute client orders via digital platforms. Hence, to meet the fast-paced requirements of digital businesses, employee support requests need to be addressed at machine speeds. Human effort is way too slow.

End users can obtain IT support through multiple channels. If one channel of communication doesn’t work, they switch to the next one. They seek immediate responses, and providing such quick responses is impossible without automating service desk tasks. For instance, on average, a level 1 service desk engineer charges $22 to handle a request manually. By investing in AI-powered desk support software, businesses can save a lot.

Plus, modern-day IT support team’s list of responsibilities keeps increasing every day. These experts can’t be expected to provide services to a multitude of support channels, dealing with hundreds of remote devices simultaneously, without making any errors.

The growing complexity of support demands does manual work, no matter how high-quality it is. So, what can businesses do? Outsourcing is the most common suggestion. But, outsourcing isn’t a future-proof solution. To maximize their capacities, businesses must get AI service desk software.

Financial Benefits of Getting AI Service Desk Software

Internal support teams receive 492 tickets every month. Of course, such high-ticket numbers are not common across all industries. But, whenever businesses experience downtime, irrespective of the industry, the number of support tickets’ spiral out of control. On average, businesses take over twenty-four hours to respond to one internal support ticket.

But, downtimes are rare, so why should businesses be concerned? Customers don’t contact businesses only during downtime. They need constant assistance with upgrades, brand-related information, and a plethora of additional services.

So how many IT experts should a business have to handle this ever-increasing volume of inbound tickets? Ideally, for every seventy end users, businesses must have one dedicated IT service, desk worker. But, hiring, retaining, and managing such a large team of qualified IT experts is nearly impossible for most businesses.

Instead of rapidly increasing their teams’ size (increasing staff size comes with its share of problems such as growing overhead costs), staff efficiency can be easily improved using AI-powered technology.

Using AI-powered service desk automation software offers businesses these benefits –

Now’s the Perfect Time for Businesses to Start Using AI-Powered Service Desk Automation Software

The upcoming wave of capabilities that AI-powered service desk automation software tools will offer features like predictive analytics and modeling. Support staff members and end-users will receive automated remediation in real-time. Currently, businesses are only starting to use these AI-powered tools to resolve high-volume and low-value tasks.

In the future, using these tools to assess large datasets and make predictive support decisions. Similar to the businesses that benefited from adopting cloud systems earlier than their competitors, businesses that start using AI-powered service desk automation software now will become ‘future-proof.’

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